Sacred Arts Counseling Sessions



Your questions. Your hopes. Your fears. Above all your curiosity.

And Me.

My traditions of divination, magic-making, astrological know-how, and creative journeying techniques.

Together we will make magic happen.

Not wish upon a star and then twirl your fingers for the next three months kind of magic.


Think along the lines of visiting an old witch who lives in the woods (maybe in a chicken-footed house) in order to receive just the right blessing, potion, or enchantment that will kick start significant change and transformation right now and you’ve got the idea.

Feel along the lines of a tarot or astrology session that delivers rapid insight with accuracy, honesty, and compassion and you’ve got the idea.

Know that you will be working with a master – someone who has clocked in way more than the requisite 10,000 hours, who has heard every possible case and situation under the sun, and who can find a new and creative approach to pretty much any problem.

Do be willing to experience deep change and transformation from the inside out. Once you start seeing the world as an enchanted place and recognize that you too are magical you won’t ever be able to go back.

You’ve been warned…and invited. Come sit with me and let’s see what magic we can make.

To that end, Sacred Arts Sessions are available in one or two hour increments.

Hour or two hour long client-driven exploratory sessions, allowing us to give in-depth attention to your particular needs.

Sessions may include any and all of the below:

    • Spiritual counseling
    • Dream analysis and intepretation
    • Tarot Reading
    • Astrology Consultation
    • Teaching of advanced sacred arts techniques
    • Active imagination journeys
    • Sacred arts and mystical business advising and coaching


Cost: $250 $150 for one hour
$325 $225 for two hours
$500 $400 for 4 one hour sessions

Duration: one or two hours

Format: via private phone line; sessions may be recorded upon client request.

NOTE: My sessions are usually booked out 2 – 3 months in advance so please be advised that this will be your wait period. In order to reserve a spot with me please make payment. I will email you with several proposed days and times and once we have agreed upon our meeting time I will send you the call in information.



Sacred Arts Sessions Bundle

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Sacred Arts Sessions - One Hour Sale

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Sacred Arts Sessions - Two Hours Sale

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