Tax Fabulous!

Taxes. We say the word or hear it said and immediately our shoulders tense, our forehead wrinkles, and visions of excel spreadsheets dance through out heads…and not in a good way. As many of my community members know, I think magic is most effective when it addresses practical, everyday concerns — like making tax season more beautiful, more abundant, and yes, even more FUN.

The goal of the Tax Fabulous community altar service is to create more freedom, ease, and abundance around the process of preparing, filing, and paying your taxes. It IS possible!

How are we going to do it? With a dash of magic, some deep digging, and plenty of prayer.

This community altar service kicks off with a beautiful lodestone ritual. I love working with lodestones because they are nature’s perfect magnet and have been used throughout time to draw what you want and need to you and to repel what is not needed or desired.

This rite will run from March 20th (New Moon in Aries) to April 14th when Mercury (planet ruling communication, clarity, and insight) moves into money-making and money-loving Taurus.

During the Lodestone rite each participant will receive four delicious prompts inviting you to re-examine your attitudes around:

  • necessity
  • debt
  • abundance
  • tithing


The community altar ends with a devotional candle service for each participant — a way to keep the good work going, and the wise insights you’ve discovered flowing, throughout the rest of your year.

Obviously this sacro-magical work is not going to DO your taxes for you (you need an accountant for that), nor is it going to give you any kind of financial advice. What it will do is deliver magical support exactly where and when you need it most so that you go from Tax dread to Tax Fabulous!

Size: Tax Fabulous is limited to 10 participants.

Cost: $100