20 Magical Ingredients that live in your Kitchen & Suggestions for Use

ear Miracles: Magic can be high and mighty involving costly and exotic ingredients and stunning altar setups or it can be plain and simple, down home folk magic that takes place by the kitchen sink and calls upon a few simple ingredients that most of us have in our spice pantries and cabinets. Here are twenty of my favorite commonly available kitchen ingredients.


Herbs and Spices

Cardamom — add whole pods to a charm bag or mojo hand for love and sex, dust in its powdered form on candles along with cinnamon for a sex me up spell, use whole pods along with dried rose petals, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla bean in olive oil for a love unguent.

Cinnamon — for hot herb magic action sprinkle a pinch combined with sugar outside your place of business to draw customers, use it to heat up love situations, dust a candle with cinnamon and peppermint in honor of St. Expedite.

Coffee — use it to compel people and “encourage” them to do what you want, serve a cup of coffee to someone that you need to bring over to your point of view, add a spoonful of sugar if you need them to be sweet to you and add a pinch of cinnamon if you want them to give you money. Murmur their name over the cup as you stir clockwise calling out your desire.

Bay Leaf — for victory, triumph, and success. Bay Laurel crowns were awarded to stellar poets and soldiers in Ancient Greece and Rome. They are also a key ingredient in traditionally made Archangel Michael packets and sacred to Archangel Michael.

Black Peppercorns — use in baneful workings when an enemy needs to feel the heat and vamanos! May also be used in harsher compelling workings-like when the insurance company is holding out on you-in the latter case combine with licorice root-which makes a delicious and soothing tea by the way.

Ginger — powerful protective ingredient found in herb mixes, anointing oils, and baths. Combine ginger, bay leaf, and cinnamon to protect your ability to success and prosper.

Kosher Salt –Kosher salt has actually been blessed and may be sprinkled along with cumin seeds around the circumference of your home for blessings and protection. May be mixed with oils and herbs for any number of spiritual baths, may be used to cleanse a room or space when combined with holy water.

Lemongrass –an essential ingredient for cleansing herb blends and bath mixes as well as communication blends. Used in road opening work. May be mixed with peppermint, sage, and kosher salt for an on the fly spiritual cleansing bath chock full of good herb magic mojo! Also a key ingredient in Sacred Washes and Sprays.

Red Pepper — has a long history of use in herb magic and can banish unfriendly people from your life, “hot foot” unwanted visitors and in the cases of sweeter red peppers like Arbol chiles, a tiny pinch may be added to sluggish love affairs to get the object of your affection to respond/wake up!/contact you. If you are being visited by someone and you want them to leave sooner rather than later dust your broom with a bit of red pepper and sweep it out onto the path they will use to enter your home, calling their name and stating that they need to keep their visit short.

Rosemary — encourages peace in the home, hang a few sprigs above the door tied with blue ribbon to foster a sense of serenity and tranquility. Combine in food with lavender, thyme, and garlic for peace and protection, add to charm bags for peace and gentleness, also aids memory and concentration.

Sage — Used for cleansing-this is sometimes referred to as Turkey sage-its not the white sage you find in smudge sticks but it may be burned as a purification rite nonetheless. May be crushed and combined with Solomon Seal Root and Deerstongue leaf to inspire wisdom and eloquence in speech and speaking engagements.

Sugar — use to sweet people to you, combine with cinnamon for money, use to candy rose petals for love magic, create a lover come, lover stay body scrub by combining one cup sugar, half a cup olive oil (or almond oil if you have it), a handful of dried red or pink rose petals, lavender blossoms, and Cardamom pods-add one cinnamon stick to the jar and voila!

Vanilla Bean — fosters sweetness and home sweet home feelings. Stick in your sugar jar for peace and warmth in hearth and home, use in making truffles or ice cream for drawing and fostering love and romance. Another herb magic standby that I consider essential to have at all times.


Oils and Vinegars

Honey — though not specifically herb magic honey is a handy and common kitchen goody. Use in a honey jar to sweeten your romantic relationships, get the promotion, or make your in laws favor you.

Olive oil — may be used in place of any ritual anointing oil in a pinch, is the base for many hi altar or temple type oils, traditionally used to anoint a beloved’s foot after a foot washing ritual.

Vinegar (Red, White, Balsamic, Rice, etc) — great for baneful workings to break up people working against you-put them in a mason jar with vinegar, hot red peppers, and poppy seeds so that their conversations with each other become confused, inflammatory, and lead to break ups. Sour someone’s words, or close the mouth of a gossip by taking a petition paper and placing it in a bottle with vinegar and alum.


Pantry, Fridge, and misc Items

Crab Shell — powdered crab shell is the best on hand substance for reversing bad luck. Use it in doll babies, box spells, and candle workings-in the latter sprinkle the crab shell powder around the candle widdershins (counter clockwise) to undo damage. Work with salt, sage, bay leaf, peppermint, and/or ginger to invoke blessing and protection. You can get crab shells from your fishmonger-just ask! Typically the shells are worked with in powdered form so they need to be dried out, set them in the sun or oven-but if you put them in the oven open up the windows-they are a protein and they can get smelly.

Flour — use to make bread for offerings at the altar, combine with other ingredients to make magically inspired cakes and biscuits, combine with salt and stamp with meaningful symbols to create a powerful ward against the evil eye that may be hung in the kitchen or home. Use arrowroot powder as a base for making your own sachet powders.

Butter — roll in herbs like Thyme, Lavender, and Rosemary for home sweet home vibes and serve at a family dinner. Reduce with garlic and a sliver of ginger and a pinch of red pepper and serve to a potential enemy so that you are protected and they are banished.

Milk — set out as an offering to the faerie folk or as an offering to certain Spirits and Deities on the altar. You may also use milk as a vehicle through which personal concerns can be delivered when the milk is consumed by the target. In Conjure bathing with the milk from a black cow imbues one with special protective properties.

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