New Around Here?

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I’m Briana Saussy, sacred artist, owner of this fine site and provider of all services listed herein. You can learn all about me and contact me right here.

Most of my work centers around teaching classes on the sacred arts to my beautiful community of soulful seekers. A good place to begin learning is with 20 Question Tarot – an e-course that teaches tarot through asking questions and encouraging you to find the answers that make the best sense for you.

Looking for a special tarot reading or unique astrological report? There are several different ways you and I can work together.

Every August I open up my beloved, year-long, course on fairy tales and the Sacred Arts, Spinning Gold.

I have also made a number of Free Resources available here.

Canto is where you will find all of my writings on various sacred arts topics.

The fine people who subscribe to my newsletters receive essays, prayers, magical recipes, Astrological insights, and Sacred Arts offerings on a regular basis.

I share my beautiful collection of Daily Blessings via email – check them out and feel free to share them with your own community. We only ask that you credit both myself and the artist, Cassandra Oswald, when you do so. If you are a professional working in the field of Sacred Arts, or if you are considering taking your gifts to the next level, don’t miss out on the Talking Shop podcast which I co- host with the divine Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady.


Offerings and Services

I provide spiritual counseling to a handful of clients through my Sacred Arts Counseling Sessions.  These are sessions are available to current or past students, clients I have an ongoing relationship with, and those who are personally referred to me by a trusted colleague or friend. For further information on booking a series of sacred arts sessions please contact me directly.

Here Be Dragons is a community ceremony service that I offer from time to time. A great, inexpensive, introduction to ritual and group engagement, the themes of focus change from month to month so be sure to check out the current offering.


Reach Out~

Finally, I love to hear from my community. I and I alone check and respond to my emails; you may reach me at:

I also ADORE snail mail. My address is PO Box 12267 San Antonio, Texas 78212.