Astrological Forecast – Star Stories: December 2021

Welcome to December Astrological Forecast, Miracles! 


12/1: Rabbit, Rabbit, and welcome to December! This month is full of astro-packed action as we have a Solar Eclipse on the 4th, Jupiter makes a sign change into the sign of Pisces – the Celestial Fish – and will be there through May 10th 2022, we experience the FINAL of three squares with Saturn and Uranus, and we celebrate Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer Solstice in the Southern hemisphere! Oh…and did I mention the Venus in Retrograde? Because yes, we have that too, and it’s totally happening…Venus in Retrograde!

12/1: Neptune Direct!!!! Your psychic impressions, devotion to art and beauty, and ability to heal are all back on track now, messages may be coming in clear and fast – especially on this day, so its a good idea to walk around with a notebook or way to record those insights.
Ask: What vision am I ready to see?

12/4: New Moon at 12 degrees Sagittarius, 1:43 AM. Best New Moon of the year to tell the truth, commit to a learning endeavor, or plan an adventure.
Ask: What adventure am I ready to take?

12/4: Solar Eclipse at 12 degrees Sagittarius at 1:43 AM. This is the best time to break patterns and negative ideas that speak to your intelligence, open-mindedness, and truth-telling.
Ask: What patterns around spirituality are no longer relevant?

12/7: Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. Speaking the truth today may leave others feeling especially raw and vulnerable. Couple whatever you say with kindness.
Ask: How can I tell the truth with compassion?

12/7: Mars in Scorpio square Jupiter in Aquarius. Don’t let your desire for perfection (or revenge) get in the way of the big picture.
Ask: Where do I need to keep my eye on the prize?

12/10: Waxing Quarter at 19 degrees Pisces, 7:36 PM. Best moon of the year to sharpen your divination skills, perhaps select a new tool to work with, and divine on any important dream messages.
Ask: What are my dreams telling me?

12/11: Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn. This is the first of two conjunctions this month (the second will occur when Venus goes retrograde). In both cases there is now a joining of forces between love and power, beauty and depth.
Ask: What power is held by love?

12/11: Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. We are seeing things as they are instead of how we would like them to be and its tough. Be gentle with yourself and others today.
Ask: Where do I need to get real?

12/13: Mars enters Sagittarius!!! Get outside, tell the truth, plan an adventure, talk to a stranger, and refine your knowledge. Keep your words honest but also kind.
Ask: What new experience am I ready for?

12/13: Mercury enters Capricorn!!! Sit up straight, take your vitamins, floss your teeth, pay your bills, and take care of business. The wind is in your sails to do all this. Your words have the ability to change career trajectories and unlock vocational aspirations, so choose them with care.
Ask: What needs to be taken seriously?

12/18: Mercury in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries. You may have an idea about what will really help you heal…but you may not be able to enact it yet – in which case be patient. If you can enact it but just don’t feel it is that important to do so, then please readjust your stance. It is. You are.
Ask: What can I no longer put off?

12/18: Full Moon at 27 degrees Gemini, 10:36 PM. Celebrate your connections and your ability to be connected. Honor the places where your voice has been heard. Bless your mind and all of its marvelous capacity.
Ask: What friendships am I ready to celebrate?

12/19: December 19th, 2021 – January 29th, 2022 Venus Retrograde begins at 4:36 AM in Capricorn, and stations direct on January 29th at 2:46 AM. Typically this is a time when deep romantic relationships are either made or broken — if there has been someone in your life that you have been ambiguous about (or they you) then expect some rapid clarity and decisive action with respect to that situation over the next month. (It might be time to ask for a clear and definitive sign).
Ask: When I re-examine my relationship to work, what do I find?

For more on Venus Retrograde please see this article.

12/20: Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus. Your thoughts turn to the land, the earth itself, and the wild that is all around you. Allow yourself to stop talking and start listening.
Ask: What is trying to capture my attention?

12/21: Blessed Solstice and Happy Return of the Light!!! What light are you giving and what light are you receiving today?

12/21: Sun enters Capricorn 9:59 AM — Winter Solstice. Happy Birthday, Capricorns!!! May we all be more excellent at everything we do, take the serious things seriously, exercise supreme refinement and discernment, invest wisely, and be unafraid of going deep!
Ask: What am I ready to see in my attempts at mastery?

12/24: Merry Christmas Eve!!! Watch the stars tonight…you may see some reindeer and little elfin Holy Helper flying among them!!!

12/24: Saturn in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus 1:17 AM. This is the final of three squares between these two power houses this year, and your last chance to get clear on what you need to release vs. what you need to root down in.
Ask: What extravagance no longer serves? What discipline is required to create a better future?

12/25: Merry Christmas and Blessings of the Season!!! Remember the story, how the Sacred Heart is born. One foot in front of the other, each step calling in life, each step calling in hope, each step calling in the ones who so often are unseen and unheard. May it be so for all of us. What are you most excited to give today?

12/25: Mars in Sagittarius trine Chiron in Aries. Great day for insights around healing! That uncomfortable conversation you have been needing to have with a family member actually has the capacity to move you forward now and create a truly healing moment.
Ask: What conversation can lead to betterment?

12/25: Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn. Work with this time (since Venus is retrograde) to figure out what luxury and decadence speak to your ability to love and be loved.
Ask: What is deeply romantic to me now?

12/26: Omen Days Begin!!! Ears perked, eyes open, mouth closed. Now listen and watch, the living world is speaking…

12/26: Waning Quarter at 5 degrees Libra, 8:24 PM. Best moon of the year to banish anything that creates an imbalance in your life or any legal issues that you are ready to let go.
Ask: What imbalances am I ready to release?

12/28 ~ Jupiter enters Pisces at 10:09 PM and departs on May 10 at 6:22 PM. Long before Neptune was discovered, Jupiter was the ruler of the sign of the Fish. Jupiter in Pisces can usher in a period of great personal creativity and artistry. Those who make a living as artists can see their industries expand, change, and stand to profit from the changes that occur. It is a time when everyone is interested in their dreams and psychic intuition and so learning about those areas is an ideal endeavor during this transit. Jupiter in Pisces can also encourage deep healing on both personal and collective levels. However, as always Jupiter can be a double-edged sword. This planet of excess in the sign of Pisces can encourage harmful habits such as drinking in excess, unbridled drug use, and the telling of lies, and the spreading of deception. Working with Jupiter in Pisces at its best literally has the capacity to make our world more gentle, kind, and beautiful but Jupiter in this sign unchecked and in excess can lead to the worst kind of hangover.
Ask: What does a prosperous creative life look and feel like?

12/29: Sun in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries. It is never too late to heal. Stop telling yourself otherwise.
Ask: What would happen if I believed healing was possible?

12/30: Happy New Year’s Eve!!! What are y’all cooking?

12/30: Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. The year ends with a powerful conjunction that allows your thoughts and words to go deep and put a lovely wrap on ’21! 

Photo credit: Jacquelyn Tierney | House of Divine Style

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