Blessed Beltane protection magic, Miracles!

It occurs to me that during this Holy Day that centers enjoyment, fun, AND protection magic is especially appropriate for these tumultuous times. In my years of serving clients, I have found that protection is ALWAYS widely requested, but of late the requests have been much more frequent. It sometimes feels like every direction we turn in holds something from which we need to be protected, safe, shielded.

Given that, today is an especially good day to share one of the qualities that I have found makes a significant difference between protection magic that is effective and protection magic that fails. The quality is having a full cup, being full. Many think of it as not being overly exhausted, unfocused, and unrested. It is a state of being full as opposed to a state of being depleted.

When we operate from a depleted state, our protection magic is not going to be as effective because we don’t have enough energy, focus, or really vitality to support it. We cannot give safety to ourselves or others when we are in a state where we literally have nothing left to give.

I know, from speaking to many of you, that the feeling of being depleted is one that you are familiar with. The good news is that there are so many ways to return to a state of fullness, focused attention, restfulness.

Go outside for five minutes…or five hours. Let your naked toes sink into the earth, lay down in the sun, read that book you’ve been meaning to get to, start the painting, write the poem, take the class, let someone else make dinner, accept the compliments and the gifts, light the candle you’ve been saving for a special occasion, uncork the good bottle of wine, take a bath, listen to the song, play the instrument, and take the nap.

Those are just some of the spells that can replenish your cup, leaving you feeling full…not emptied out. From that state any protection magic you weave will be strong, effective, and lasting…how could it not?


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