Facing Difficulties: We Don’t Get To Skip This Part 🔮

Facing Difficulties: We Don’t Get to Skip this Part


When it comes to the Sacred Arts there is this question that lingers in the back of some people’s minds: why do magic? Like, why do magic at all when it comes to Facing Difficulties?

We have all of these other tools and techniques. We have mindset practices and prayers and even things like guided meditations…so why even bother with magic?

The answer is simple and goes back to the theme of freedom.


We need to get clear on something else in order to be really free. And one of the best ways to do that?


True story: I always wanted to teach magic school – spells, charms, rituals, plant medicine and lore…always loved it! Now that dream has become the Sacred Arts Academy Training where we will always keep magic front and center. Charter Club membership is not open quite yet – but soon!

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