Welcome to the second February horoscope of the year, Miracles! As I have said, in many ways February will feel like a true January. So if the New Year feeling was elusive for you then this is your month! This is mostly due to Mars being in a less difficult position in the skies. But do note that we have the first of three squares between Saturn and Uranus this month.

2/1: Happy and Blessed February and Imbolg/Candlemass for those who celebrate: https://brianasaussy.com/feast-day-candlemass-imbolg/ 

2/1: Sun in Aquarius squared up with Mars in Taurus means that rigid, aggressive stances come into conflict with future-facing, communitarian feel brought to us by the Sun. This is Astro that can light things up and see tensions flare so be careful today.
Ask: Where do I need to become more flexible and open?

2/1: Venus enters Aquarius! When Venus is in Aquarius good fortune blesses the collective, those who are focused on community engagement, activists of all kinds, and all future ventures.
Ask: How best can I be a blessing to my communities?

2/1: Moon in Libra tine Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius mean that peace and reason will prevail and by the end of the day everyone will be encouraged to simmer down and negotiate a truce.
Ask: Where can diplomacy help?

2/2: Moon in Libra squaring up against Pluto in Capricorn means that old institutions/ways of seeing/doing things encounter a fight…but with Libra running things the fight is often resolved before the other side even knew it was happening.
Ask: What institutions need re-balancing?

2/2: Trine between the Moon in Libra and both the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius make this an EXCELLENT day for communications of all kinds. If you have a newsletter to write, a book to pitch, or (given the Mercury RX weather) anything to EDIT – this is the day!
Ask: What words need to be spoken/written now?

2/3: Moon in Scorpio squares up against Venus in Aquarius. Power plays coming from a place of individual selfishness and insecurity will not go over well today. Best not to try them at all.
Ask: How does my community empower me?

2/4: Waning Quarter Moon at 16 degrees Scorpio, 11:37 AM. This is a great moon for banishing hurts, traumas, and issues around sex, death, lineage, addiction, and power that you no longer need. In the words of Elsa: Let. It. Go.
Ask: What traumas are ready to dissolve?

2/5: This evening sees Venus conjunct Saturn. Great time to make a smart financial investment in something beautiful and timeless. Good period to commit to something (or someone) that you care about. RESIST the temptation to have a deep romantic convo because Mercury is still retrograde.
Ask: Where am I ready to get serious?

2/6: Venus in Aquarius squares up against Uranus in Taurus. An unpleasant revelation in the area of love or finance may make itself known to you today so be ready for it. This doesn’t happen until this evening but the energy will be around today and tomorrow – people might be extra short with their words, try to be kind.
Ask: What brings me resiliency now?

2/7: Moon in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries making healing and letting bygones be bygones an extremely difficult thing to do. You may not be able to just forgive and forget your way out of a situation but try not to actively go digging for trouble.
Ask: Where do I need to step away?

2/8: Sun conjunct Mercury. Both of these planets are in Aquarius at the moment which means that this is another excellent day for speaking, writing, editing, and in general organizing your thoughts. Community actions will have extra juice today!
Ask: What needs to be clarified?

2/9: Moon conjunct Pluto. Both of these planets are in Capricorn atm. When the Moon meets up with Pluto it brings a level of psychic ingenuity to all that we do and allows us to see into shadow sides of things.
Ask: What wound am I ready to heal?

2/10: Mercury in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus. Mercury and Mars’s squares aren’t fun, especially during Mercury retrogrades. Explosive communications are the norm today. Don’t be surprised if the news is off the charts in drama and the temptation to get into verbal disagreements with others will be HIGH.
Ask: Where do I need to simmer down?

2/11: Venus conjunct Jupiter! Venus and Jupiter together are like sunshine and lollipops – it’s awesome! These two in Aquarius bring peace, community-thinking, future planning, and the benefits of technology all to the fore. Good day to make investments in the tech sphere (though try not to buy new gadgets given the RX period).
Ask: How can my brilliance bring me greater blessings?

2/11: New Moon at 23 degrees, Aquarius 1:06 PM. A New Moon in Aquarius gives us a fresh start and encourages us to assess recent and future events with a cool head and a rational mind. This kicks off the celebrations of Chinese New Year which energetically may feel more like New Year’s for everyone this time around.
Ask: What begins?

2/12: Mercury conjunct Venus in Aquarius. Both of these planets coming together signify that a breath of sweet, fresh, air is blowing through your life. Old hurts can be forgiven and harsh words can be gentled now.
Ask: Where can my words be sweeter?

2/13: Mars in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces. This can be a day when weird, escapist, fantasies and fictions inspire people to act or at least to agitate. Take care and avoid any charged situations. You cannot talk people out of their viewpoints today so don’t even try.
Ask: What creative work needs to be done?

2/14: Mercury conjunct Jupiter. When these two planets come together are words are blessed and our financial transactions are as well. Since Mercury is retrograde this can be astrology where our storytelling gets a bit out of control. Stick to the truth because you will be found out if you exaggerate too much.
Ask: What are the facts?

2/16: Moon in Aries squares up against Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon aggravates the slow and steady demolition and re-birth work Pluto is doing in Capricorn. Flare-ups may occur or you may feel like the energy is slow and thick as molasses.
Ask: What does decomposition teach me?

2/17: Ash Wednesday sees the first of three Saturn and Uranus squares for 2021. These are significant moments where what is new, possible, and needed for the future comes into conflict with what is known, comfortable, and secure.
Ask: What extravagance no longer serves? What discipline is required to create a better future?

2/18: Sun enters Pisces at 4:44 AM. When the Sun enters Pisces it turns the focus on kindness, art, beauty, and gentleness. At the same time, it illuminates delusions, illusions, and addictions and calls them out and up into the light so they can be fully examined + dealt with.
Ask: What am I ready to see in my dreams?

2/19: Waxing Quarter at 1 degree Gemini, 12:47 PM. This is an excellent time to do divination and since the Moon falls in Gemini, why not rope a friend into doing it with you?
Ask: What message is growing within me?

2/19: Venus in Aquarius squaring up against Mars in Taurus means that Mercury Rx goes out with a bang. This could be a day when breakups occur (they typically don’t stick if they happen during an RX period) and also a day where all kinds of quarrels emerge.
Ask: How can I best keep the peace?

2/20: Mercury goes direct at 6:52 pm CDT!!!
Ask: What has the RX period taught me?

2/21: Moon in Gemini squared up with Neptune in Pisces means that faith and reason get into conflicts today.
Ask: What do I believe vs. what do I know to be true?

2/22: Moon in Cancer trine Sun in Pisces. Today is a brilliant day for all artistic, intuitive, magical, and creative endeavors. Feed yourself with beauty and meaning!
Ask: What art do I want to make?

2/23: Moon in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces. Very similar energy to yesterday except even deeper. Dreams may carry especially useful messages for you right now.
Ask: What can my dreams help me figure out?

2/24: Moon in Leo square Uranus in Taurus. This square is between two fixed signs which means neither side wants to budge. Interesting news might emerge from the entertainment industry today that has financial repercussions. Privileged behavior will go over especially poorly today.
Ask: Where do I need to wait my turn?

2/24: Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto’s demolition work gets an added boost of energy today. Don’t be surprised to see a beloved institution falter or announce a bold new plan for re-invention.
Ask: What overhaul is coming?

2/25: Venus enters Pisces. When Venus enters Pisces it is time for depth, love, forgiveness, romance, and compassion. Also, time to watch your wallet and your shopping habits – Venus in Pisces can be all about racking up debt and having a great time while you do it.
Ask: Where am I ready to be softer?

2/26: Moon in Leo square Mars in Taurus. Here we are liable to get stuck in our comfort zones, have a hard time moving forward, and make every situation all about us…which you know, is not the best approach to take. Ask: What isn’t personal?

2/27: Full Moon at 8 degrees Virgo, 2:17 PM. A lovely Full Moon in Virgo has us reaching for our planners, making important dates, and celebrating our work and daily routines. This moon is opposed to Neptune in Pisces which also means it has the potential to bring healing to mass delusions and illusions.
Ask: What everyday accomplishment deserves a celebration?

2/28: Moon in Virgo trine Mars in Uranus means that it is a great day to look at diet/fitness choices and decide what is working and what is no longer needed.
Ask: What does health look like for me right now?

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