Find your Freedom

n Saturday we celebrate a wildly radiant New Moon. Just a reminder, the New Moon is the best possible time to plant new seeds, ideas, creative aspirations, and start various projects and missions.

Every month we are blessed with a New Moon in a different Zodiac sign and this month the moon shines her dark glory down on us from Sagittarius — the freedom-loving, travel-happy archer.

Sagittarius, associated with the 9th house of the zodiac wheel and the planet Jupiter, is the great teacher. The Sanskrit word for teacher is Guru and linguistically related to the word “gravity.” This is what real teaching possesses — gravity. Not in the sense of everything is oh so dire and dreadful, but in the sense that we are serious…about living our best possible life, walking our true paths, and cultivating love in all of our actions.

Hitting the bull’s eye has real gravitas, it carries weight, and who better to teach that skill than the Archer? What does he encourage us to aim for?


Because here is the truth: when we cultivate freedom, real freedom, we also cultivate our ability to commit to what matters most.

Take aim. Steady your arm. Let it go and let it flow.

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