Hearth and Home Vol. 24: We Lift Each Other

Blessed New Moon in Aquarius! lift each other lift each other lift each other

Here is a blessing you can work with on this day if you are looking for something to add to your New Moon magic-making.

I am coming off one of the most intense experiences in the entire writing process this week – requesting endorsements.

Star Child comes out in July of this year which means that we begin getting endorsements for the book NOW. This is always a dance of boldness, humility, and hope. The job is to find the people that you most respect in the field and then ask them if they would do you the honor of reading an advanced copy of your book and write a few words (hopefully nice ones) about their experience.

You have to be bold to ask in the first place – you are talking to busy people who are strong successes in their own right.

You have to be humble – recognizing that some of the people you ask will say no, and yet daring to ask anyway.

And you have to have hope…that some of your friends and colleagues will show up for you.

You also need to remember…down the road, when they need a favor, a lift, a kind word, to be there for them as they have been for you.

Because that is what we do: we lift each other up.

Requesting endorsements is always a potent reminder to me of this: we lift each other up. We help each other out.

I see this all the time, it is so woven into the fabric of my daily life that it’s easy to miss.

A friend rescues us when our truck breaks down.
My son learns to comfort a teammate when they lose – not just how to celebrate the wins.
My youngest brings a special smile to his great grandmother’s face.
I talk to a friend who is worried about one of her children.
One of my husband’s students contacts him to tell him that he changed their life all those years ago.
And the list goes on.

Every day we are faced with so many choices. To be good or not so good, to follow our better or worse natures, to give ourselves a break or rake ourselves over the coals. Every single day we choose.

But one way to distill those choices is with this question: Will today be a day I lift someone up or tear someone down? I’m making that my New Moon meditation – after all, the Moon is in Aquarius, and it’s all about the strength and magic we find when we come together.

So l leave you today with this blessing: may you be lifted up, and may you, in turn, lift someone else.

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