How Long Until We Get There?

ear Miracles,

When it comes to ritual work one of the most commonly asked questions is “how long until I see results?” It is a perfectly natural question given the time, energy and resources that individuals dedicate to meaningful ritual, but it is also a complex question.

One rule of thumb which was presented to me as just that, a rule of thumb, and has recently been taken as Biblical law by some, is the Rule of Three. Three days in which you should see a sign, three weeks for movement towards your goal and three months for a completed goal. The rule of Three is handy in that it gives us an outline and a progression of sorts — you do not go about looking for a complete manifested result you begin by looking for some encouraging signs, then you perceive slight movements in the direction you wish to head in and finally you will, with some luck, obtain a concrete result.

I advise my clients to begin counting days, weeks, and months after their ritual has come to an end. For example, if you are doing a ritual for a more loving marriage and the work will last for seven days, you do not start that work on a Friday and then look for results on Saturday. You wait until the ritual has fully concluded and then begin paying attention to signs, dreams, and practical information. While the rule of Three gives us a helpful guideline, I have seen results manifest sooner, later, and in rather unexpected ways for different people. In the meantime, pay attention to possible signs around you indicating that the work either is or is not taking. Typically you will see movement in a number of weeks after the ritual has been performed and you will see the desired outcome in a number of months.

If you do not see positive signs or experience positive movement it is unlikely that you will have a positive outcome to the work fully manifest. A different angle or new approach may be in order. Keep in touch with your ritualist — if they provide divinatory readings you may want to check in and see what they think a reliable time frame would be. If they do not provide such readings ask them to recommend you to a reader who can. And as always whether you are performing work on your own behalf or a pro is doing work for you, during this time you want to have full faith that the best outcome for all will be achieved while at the same time remember that magic works when you do.

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