Dear Miracles:


One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is: what can I do to make my magical work, or the ritual work you are doing for me, stronger?

My answer has become more and more simple throughout the years. The bottom line is that magic works when you do.

When we look at the history of magic-making and sacred ritual we see this very clearly. Never is there a time when the client on whose behalf ritual is performed is expected to just sit back and let their ritualist take care of everything.

Engagement…in your personal spiritual practices, in any follow up directions the ritualist has provided, and in practical actions that increase your chances for success and happiness are all required, they are part of the magic.

I would like to illustrate this point briefly with a tale of two clients: The first client was a lovely soul who wanted more financial support for her and her child. After assessing her situation I agreed to take it on, performed the work, and followed up with her including in my follow up a specific list of directions for what she should do next.

Months went by and I never heard back from her, only to receive an email last week telling me that nothing worked and she did not believe in magic.

I responded immediately asking her about her follow up — had she contacted the person in question, had she opened the road of communication by being kind yet firm, had she taken certain actions at her own place of employment in order to secure more prosperity on her own?

Guess what the answers were?

No, No, and No.

Contrast this to another client who was recently working on her financial situation. Specifically she was going for a very high-end job that had fierce competition and numerous interview stages. She got in touch with me after ordering her ceremony with the names, dates, and specific intention she had — and she did this for each phase of the (increasingly difficult) interview process.

Any recommendations I made to her were followed to the letter. She did not order work at the last minute but gave me plenty of lead time, and kept me updated on all of the changing dynamics.

Guess who got her dream job?

Does it always happen like this? I’m the first to admit that it does not. Sometimes we can pour our everything into a dream and the answer is still no. But I do know this: the best thing to remember when engaging in sacro-magical practices?

Magic works when you do.

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