How to Honor the Full Moon

ear Miracles,

Previously I wrote about how to honor and work with the New Moon and of course many of you wrote to me asking, what about the Full Moon? There are probably few other emblems that have the ability to drop us down into magical consciousness the way that a luminous full moon does. Whether she shines out in a clear night sky or he is covered over with wispy clouds and starlight, the Full Moon radiates magic-making possibility.

The key word for the Full Moon is fertility, and that is not by happenstance. Just as women when the rhythm established by Nature will menstruate with the New Moon, we are at the height of our fertility on or right around the Full Moon. So the Full Moon can be seen literally and metaphorically as baby-making time!

With that in mind here are some ways to honor this potent magical time:

  • Plant Seeds~What seeds need to be planted in your life? What projects do you wish to imbue with a little bit more fertility, a brighter spark of life? Or, if the gardening analogy doesn’t really do it for you, ask yourself what you are trying to birth into the world right now? Why not work with the Full Moon to create an altar honoring that specific endeavor? It will give you a place to focus your intentions and make some magic. Light a devotional candle to give this intention extra mojo.
  • Celebrate Accomplishments~On the other end of the spectrum, what have you accomplished in the last lunation? Have any big projects, dreams, endeavors, or goals been met and nailed? Have you decided to let something that was not working go? There is never a better time to celebrate whatever good you have brought into the world. One of my personal favorite ways to do this: a spiritual bath.
  • See Clearly~My lunar letter goes out to subscribers a few days before the Full Moon and I always include a few questions so that readers may use the divination method of their choice and see into a question or concern by the light of the moon. We physically see different in full moonlight as opposed to sunlight, but we see differently in a spiritual manner as well. Many believe that they are more sensitive, more “skinless”, and psychic during the Full Moon, making it THE time for divination.
  • Offer it up~Making offerings is a time-honored act found in many different sacro-magical traditions. The Full Moon is a wonderful time to make any kind of offering to your allies, your guides, the Saints, Angels, or simply to the beautiful land itself. Just remember to offer things that are nutritious and completely biodegradable and don’t leave a mess. And remember, prayer is an offering too.

Love and blessings of La Luna to you all!

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