Welcome to July Horoscope, Miracles! This month starts off with a lot of watery goodness as the Sun is in Pisces and Mercury soon joins up. The end of the month turns fiery with lots of action in Leo and the squares with Taurus that this always creates. Also, this is the month that Star Child comes out!!! Make sure you are subscribed to my mailing list to stay on top of all of the fun events we have planned!

7/1: Rabbit, Rabbit – Happy July!!!

7/1: Mars in Leo opposed to Saturn in Aquarius. Today you feel blocked at every turn and your optimizations are likely to miss big picture + future-oriented thinking. Be willing to go back to the drawing board until it is just right!
Ask: Where do I need to slow down?

7/1: Waning Quarter Moon at 10 degrees Aries, 4:11 PM. Best moon of the year to banish any selfish behaviors that are causing friction in your life, laziness, lack of discipline, and anger that no longer serves you.
Ask: What fight am I ready to resolve?

7/2: Mars in Leo trine Chiron in Aries. Healing is a GO today and if you add fire into the mix even better – a hot bath, circling around a campfire, or censing yourself with sacred smoke to promote health and deep healing are all supported by this astro.
Ask: What needs to be burned away?

7/3: Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus. A desire to be seen, appreciated, and recognized may not sit well with your bigger community and envy may be coming at you today. Remember to ask how you can not only stand on the stage in strength, but also share it with others.
Ask: What power do I need to share?

7/4: Sun in Cancer square Chiron in Aries. Whatever you are working on right now, you may discover that connections and obligations that you feel to your family of blood or choice are creating obstacles to your personal healing. Navigate with care and discernment.
Ask: Where do I need space from my people?

7/6: Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces. Words and feelings come into conflict today. Be careful not to spill someone else’s secrets or engage in cruel gossip as both can be especially hurtful on this day. Dreams may be weird but with a little decoding can still give you a lot of info!
Ask: How can I best watch my words?

7/6: Venus in Leo opposed to Saturn in Aquarius. A desire for love, luxury, and attention is told to grow up and get a job. Channel those feelings into creating something that benefits your community and friends while also delighting them.
Ask: What can I make for all of us?

7/7: Venus in Leo trine Chiron in Aries. Healing – especially through love, romance, and sex, gets a big green light today from the stars.
Ask: What can deep intimacy heal?

7/8: Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus. Watch your spending on this day because the stars will make it super easy (and tempting) to go over budget!
Ask: Where do I need to reign it in?

7/9: New Moon at 15 degrees Cancer, 8:17 PM. This is the best time to sow any seeds of intention and get clear on your devotions around home, real estate ventures, children, and family.
Ask: What home am I ready to create?

7/11: Mercury enters Cancer. We are now ready to speak to each other through poetry, dream images, and intuitive hits! When Mercury enters Cancer we all become a bit more sensitive, poetic, romantic, and psychic.
Ask: What is the most beautiful way to say this?

7/12: Mercury in Cancer trine Jupiter in Pisces. Gorgeous time for writers, especially if you are working in the field of creative fiction or fantasy! Excellent time to pitch book ideas, articles, and communicate your magical heart out!
Ask: What magical words am I ready to share?

7/13: Venus in Leo conjunct Mars in Leo. Fireworks ensue when these two come together – especially in the sign of Leo! Love, romance, and HOT dates are a perfect way to celebrate today!
Ask: Where am I ready to get spicy?

7/15: Sun in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces. Get ready to go deep today as the Sun illuminates themes around spirituality, the past, family, and healing that we all need to be aware of.
Ask: What is ready to be revealed?

7/17: Waxing Quarter at 25 degrees Libra, 5:11 AM. This is the best moon all year to do divination on relationships, legal concerns, and all matters of the heart!
Ask: What relationship am I ready to grow?

7/17: Sun in Cancer opposed to Pluto in Capricorn. As the Sun prepares to leave the sign of the celestial crab it opposes Pluto in the sign of the Sea Goat. Something else that is ready to be dissolved catches our attention on this day.
Ask: What needs to change?

7/19: Mercury in Cancer square Chiron in Aries. When it comes to healing, today is less a day for words – they will just muddle things up and confuse you – and more of a day for action.
Ask: Where would it be more healing to stop talking and take action?

7/20: Star Child is out!!! Pick it up from your favorite bookseller!!!

7/21: Venus enters Virgo! Although traditionally Venus is considered fallen in this sign, I have always found that Venus in Virgo gives us the perfect opportunity to fall in love with our work, create beautiful structures that support us, prioritize our health – especially women’s health – and bedazzle our altars!
Ask: What am I devoted to now?

7/22: Venus in Virgo opposed to Jupiter in Pisces. Today you might receive insight into the missing ingredient that can make your creative work sing or allow your regular work to take on a deeper significance.
Ask: What do I need to prioritize now?

7/22: Sun enters Leo 9:26 AM. HBD to all the Lovely Lions out there!!! May your year be full of good cheer, big hearted people, lots of time to laze around and be lovely, some excellent additions to both wardrobe and jewelry collections, plenty of drama, and the ability to share all of your gifts with your favorite people!!!
Ask: What am I ready to see in the masks that I wear?

7/23: Full Moon at 1 degree Aquarius, 9:37 PM. This is the moon to celebrate your community, your congregation, and your vision of the future!
Ask: What community needs a celebration?

7/24: Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces. Another excellent day for writing, dreaming, and doing any kind of liminal work.
Ask: What is the other world trying to tell me?

7/25: Mercury in Cancer opposed to Pluto in Capricorn. Communications are subtle but present around something that is undergoing massive transformation. Pay at least as much attention to what is not said to the things that are.
Ask: What am I sensing with respect to big transformation right now?

7/27: Mercury enters Leo! Communication takes dramatic and stylish turns, social gatherings feel especially significant, and fun parties are the rule of the day!
Ask: Who am I ready to see and where am I ready to be seen?

7/28: Jupiter (in Retrograde) enters Aquarius. This is Jupiter’s last tour through Aquarius for 12 years. Jupiter in the sign of the Water-bearer will support those who have messages that they wish to broadcast into the world gain greater clarity on how to do that. It will be a time when change is well-aspected and given a cosmic blessing and when significant decisions that will have long-term effects on the future come into being. In 2021 while Jupiter is in Aquarius it will lend its strength and blessing to erstwhile buddy, Saturn, as Saturn squares up against Uranus in Taurus. Expect extravagance, expansion, greater scrutiny, and luck when it comes to global activist causes.
Ask: Where am I ready to expand my horizons?

7/29: Mars in Leo opposed to Jupiter in Aquarius. Aggression and impatience have the ability to undermine lucrative opportunities right now. Remember to keep your eyes fixed on the future and play a long game.
Ask: Where do I need to cool it?

7/29: Mars enters Virgo! Mars in Virgo is about perfecting ALL. THE. THINGS. Do it and let yourself get into it but remember always that the perfect can be the enemy of the good.
Ask: Where do I need to get organized?

7/31: Waning Quarter Moon at 8 degrees Taurus, 8:16 AM. Best moon of the year to banish anything concerning finances or pleasure – ready to put a dent in your debt? This is the moon to support that magic!
Ask: What self-indulgence no longer feeds me?

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