Many Branches–Introducing Navjit Kandola of Tenderlogic

ear Miracles,

The world of social media has allowed Sacred Artists to present their insights and offerings in a variety of new and unique ways. One of the most popular ways to present information right now is to use video to do so. Videos are easier than ever to make and they allow for the kind of one on one intimacy that we find in working face to face but also enable us to work with people all over the world. And no one is doing a video like my featured guest. I hope, dear readers, that you will join me in giving my first guest a warm round of virtual applause — for Navjit Kandola is truly one of a kind!

I met Navjit in Santa Fe about a year ago we sat down for tea and immediately connected. She is a forward-thinking innovator with razor-sharp insight and I love many things about her work — but I especially love how she integrates film with intuition; this is a wonderful, fresh, take on an art form that can sometimes seem stuck in a bygone era. Her one on one on one sessions are jam-packed with wisdom as well as practical actions you can take to foster your alignment and illumination right now. Of course, the person who speaks most eloquently about her work is Navjit herself, sit back and enjoy!

Many Branches: Navjit Kandola from Bri Saussy on Vimeo.

You can connect to Navjit on Facebook and Twitter.

You may learn more about her one on one sessions and book one today right here.

Navjit Kandola Spiritual advisor, educator, speaker, and filmmaker. She is the Director of Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness and a full-time mum. She holds a Masters of Science degree in Inspirational Media, a Bachelors of Science in Divinity, an LLB (British law degree), and a B/Tech Diploma in Business and Public Administration (distinction). Navjit writes regularly in her spirited style on her blog site a site dedicated to inspire and create insight for stargazers and trailblazers.

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