Many Branches: Tea-lightful Cards and Magic with Paige Zaferiou



ear Miracles, a few months ago I learned that the correct way to pronounce Paige’s gorgeous last name is to say: zee fairy ooh! To me that is a great summation of the awesome that Paige brings to the Sacred Arts table. She is a magic-making woman, who blends incredible teas (I have a few and they rock) and delivers a hot tarot reading too! I invite you to get comfy and watch the incredible video Paige made for you — it will add some magic to your day!


aige Zaferiou is a pop-culture-loving, positivity-wielding professional witch with a simple philosophy: magic is everywhere and life is great. As a magical practitioner, tarot reader, and tea maven, she has devoted her life to helping people rediscover magic in their own lives. If you can get down with unrelenting optimism, Lisa Frank backpacks, joyful cussing, frequent breaks for song & dance, and the utterlydelicious reality of our magical world, then GET DOWN, baby kitten! Paige is the witch-friend for you. When she’s not reading cards and pouring tea, you can find Paige playing the ukulele, singing about chickens, and searching for the perfect piece of pizza. Transform the way you experience magic at

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