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Welcome to the online home of Briana Saussy, best-selling author and teacher dedicated to the Sacred Arts and our vibrant community of Soulful Seekers.

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Then, join Bri’s free community – the Sacred Arts Academy, hosted by Mighty Networks. This is a virtual community of hundreds of smart, kind, soulful seekers. There is no drama, only goodness, learning, and a ton of support! There are also lots of freebies and bonuses available in the community as well.

All of Bri’s courses occur through the Sacred Arts Academy. Go here to learn more. The best way to work with Bri is through one (or more!) of her unique and original courses and you can start, as everyone does, with Spinning Gold.

If you are interested in the books that Briana has written, contributed to, or been featured in, you can find those all here.

Bri does continue to provide one on one spiritual services to clients all over the world. She does this primarily through her Sacred Arts Sessions. You may book a Sacred Arts Session with her here, or if you are wanting longer term and more comprehensive work, please apply for the Witch In Your Pocket Magical Retainer service. Please note that due to her popularity Briana is often booked up to a year in advance. There is a wait list option if that is the case.

Bri also provides custom ritual and ceremony creation and coaching to current clients whom she has read for at least once. Availability for these services is extremely limited and you do need to be a current or past client/student in good standing to receive these services.



Bri loves to hear from her community! Due to her busy teaching, writing, and family schedule, her typical response time may vary from 1 – 3 business days. If you have a technical question or need tech help please DO NOT email Bri directly as that will actually SLOW DOWN our response time. Instead, email: [email protected]

Bri also ADORES snail mail. Her address is PO Box 12267 San Antonio, Texas 78212.