New Moon Blessing in honor of Leo

New Moon Blessing for Leo

Leo – Come now and quicken to life bright spark, still now burning in the ashes and ruin and rubble of what was not to be.

Covered over, covered up, hidden from sight still you burn, giving off light, devouring excess and turning it, once more, into bright warmth, one of the oldest magics.


Call us to ourselves.
Call us together.
Call us to one another.

So that we might cook and feast and be nourished.

So that we might dance and laugh and make love, skin on skin under the moon on the coldest night.

So that we might tell stories to each other, looking through the flickering shadows you cast on the walls, and into each others’ eyes.

Witnessing how every soul is radiantly gorgeous in the light you shine forth, through the ruin and the rubble, seeing clearly.

We remember you bright spark, burning in all the shadowed places.

Warm us little sun star spark so that our blood dances, our hands speak, and our hearts beat out the sacred drum, giving beat and resonance as our voices lift up and are heard, once more.

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