New Moon Blessing of Hands in Honor of Virgo

Dea Miracles,

The New Moon in Virgo is upon us!

And that makes now the perfect time to ask: What am I ready to devote myself to?

For me, I’m devoted to blessings. I favor a blessing much more than a piece of advice and I continue to feel thrilled and stunned at the brilliant, unique, one-of-a-kind ways that people find to bless each other.


New Moon Blessing for New Moon in Virgo

Blessed be your hands.

In whatever shape they might be in, however much they do or do not do every single day – let us take space now to bless them.

For they touch, and in touching they connect; in touching they heal.

For they hold, and in holding they fasten down what needs to be fastened down and let loose that which is ready to fly.

For they create, reaching all the way back through language and tongue and remembering that to create is simply to do…anything, as best we can.

For they are precious with their fluttering out palms, open like little satellite dishes taking in information from all directions, all places, all people.

For they carry scars and lines crisscrossing the wide and tender terrain of palm, speaking of journeys your people have traveled over and over again.

For they can curve inward making the strong, striking, fist that declares – here is where I stand and say, no more, enough is enough, be gone now.

For they are wildly colorful in their whites and blacks, browns, pinks, creams, reds, blues, purples, yellows, and greens, paint-spattered, carrying clay under the nail, ink-covered, tattooed by intention and happenstance.

For they can carry what needs to be carried and hold onto those who will carry you from time to time.

Blessed be your hands. Palm against palm, fingers tangled together speaking to each other once more before continuing on with their good work.


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