May Can’t & Won’t Blaze the Trail to DONE

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ear Miracles: When I was born I had a severe cleft pallet. It was the worst that my 70 year old surgeon (who had pioneered the preferred method of treatment at the time) had seen in the course of his practice. Through the dedication of my mom, dad, and grandparents I was taken to Houston (a 3.5 hour drive) for two major surgeries before I was 4 years old. Then I was taken several times a month for six more years for speech therapy. I had excellent therapists but I remember them telling my mom that I would probably never regain my speech 100%-that the “r” sound in particular would be difficult if not impossible for me to master. I practiced trilling my r’s all the way back home to San Antonio, and when we got in the house I asked my mom to call the therapist. She got on the phone and I trilled away singing out words like “red”, “radio”, and “ready.” Prognosis: my r’s were locked and loaded, my speech was 100% recovered and I had a vocabulary surpassing my age. I was 6 at the time.

When I chose to attend a funky (and insanely rigorous) liberal arts college I was told I would graduate with an Mrs. degree and no job prospects. Four years later and single, I did graduate, entered a master’s program, and shortly thereafter landed my first dream job–all because I attended that funky liberal arts college and got that “meaningless” degree in philosophy.

In my mid-twenties an astrologer did a natal chart for me. He told me that I would never have more than a lower middle class income and my writing would never see the light of day. Four years later I brought home a six figure salary, started a business, moved across the country, had a child, and in all my spare time contributed to highly visible magazines, books, and websites. I also found a much better astrologer.

I have trusted friends & advisors and when they tell me to steer clear of something I listen. I do not go against the grain just for the sake of disagreeing or proving a point (too much wasted energy) but one of my first lessons in life was that Can’t & Won’t can be powerful motivators and allies-clearing the way to DONE.

There is nothing especially special about me or my story. I have met hundreds, thousands of people in my life who tell similar tales. The challenge that had to be met, the imperative that was to be denied, the obstacles that were there to be overcome–this is a story that belongs to ALL of us. As many of you know, a petition is a prayer, a heart and tear soaked request, a mantra, an affirmation, a wish meant for your soul and the Universe.

My petition for you today: May Can’t & Won’t Blaze the Way to Done.

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