Sacred Arts + Money + Magic

ear Miracles: When I was first hit with the idea to create Spinning Gold I KNEW that I wanted to include topics in the program that a lot of magical/sacred arts programs like to look over or ignore because they are not easy or comfortable subjects. Money is one such topic. There is a pervasive idea out in the world that to be “spiritual”,  to live in alignment with the sacred equals “not caring about money” or being impoverished.

And yet it never fails that when I work with my students and clients the topic of money is often front and center (often only behind concerns about relationships and physical health). The truth is that money, wealth, and security are hot-button issues for all of us and they can be so difficult to even begin approaching. The rest of the truth is that if we are interested in living a more sacred, magical life, we have got to figure out a way to start a conversation about money and everything that goes along with it. Enter the wonderful work of Bari Tessler Linden, one of the guest teachers in Spinning Gold.

When I decided that the program needed a section on money, wealth, and abundance I immediately asked Bari if she would agree to discuss the issue with me and she did. We had an amazing conversation and then, in one of life’s little quirks, we ended up meeting in person a few weeks later. Over delicious cups of mocha we decided that our conversation was too good to keep under wraps and so I am sharing it with all of you. I hope it inspires ideas, questions, and gives you a delicious taste of Spinning Gold.

Listen to our conversation, register for Spinning Gold, and learn more about Bari’s awesome work!

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