Self-Love and Empowerment ~ You Matter

Miracles Self-Love and Empowerment,

Solstice is tomorrow and I’ve been busy going through the petitions for our Feast Day honey jar. And I noticed a theme in many entries which is really a question, and the question is: do I even matter? Is there even a reason why I am here?

I have thoughts of Self-Love and Empowerment and I wanted to share them.

Did this speak to you? What is something that reminds you how much you matter when you start to doubt it? I’d love to hear below.

And…if you know someone who needs to hear this…send it to them.


  • Thank you for your kindness. Your words touched my heart, and I am purpose driven. Tears of diamond shed for those who search for their place. Thank you for you compassionate heart.

  • Thank you for your thoughtful words Bri. I have this conversation a lot with my adult children and their friends many who feel the world is a hopeless mess. I also remind them that there is no beach without all the grains of sand or forest without all the trees… everything is interconnected and yes… we matter in ways we cannot see. I SO appreciate you beautiful lady of salt and the vast sea. Bless you now and always🙏🏼💗

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