Threads of Gold: Beauty and the Beast + Hope and Dreams

Divination and Dreams



2018 is here! And we have just passed a beautiful full moon – a Super-Blue-Blood moon in the sign of Cancer – yesterday: we are full of hope, real hope. Spinning Gold, my lovely course on magic and fairy tales, is well underway and flourishing.

What a wonderful group of magic and soul seekers are journeying together on this experience!

Here’s the latest news:

We’re beginning to schedule the second round of one-on-one calls this month. Let’s be honest. I loved the first round so much! And so have my students. It has been such an irreplaceable part of the course now to have an opportunity to meet each and every one of my students, and get to know them a little better, have some heart-to-heart communication.

So many online courses are mass manufactured, and the teacher never knows you by name. You click on a youtube video, or download course content and that’s it. But I want to bring you the opposite: personal, real connections with knowledge and crafts that will help you nourish the roots of your life.

Even though many of the elements of this teaching are rooted in timeless things, the approach we take is such new work, we all need all of the support we can get – and my desire is to give that to you!

The group has already journeyed alongside of Rumpelstiltskin, the faerie knight Tam Lin and his lover Janet, and we have met up with the fierce and wild Baba Yaga. Now we are onto Module Three where we explore the tale of Beauty and her Beast.

What this means is that by now everyone has accessed or received their gorgeous guidebooks for Module III. The Guidebook is delivered as a high-res, downloadable pdf, but many of my students print theirs out because we like pen on paper. In reality each guidebook is a basket full of bounty and beauty, with useful magical treats and explorations.

By now, students will have listened to the story, experienced the active imagination journey, reflected and wrote in their journals, tried all or some of the Sacred Arts practices and crafts for this Module, and continued weaving into and working with other practices from previous Modules.

All the Modules hang together. In fact, the active imagination journey is crafted as a journey that continues throughout the entire course from start to finish, drawing the fairy tales’ magical territory and characters into its singular realm.

My presentation of the Sacred Arts is non-dogmatic, and very much encourages the creative development of practices you already have. And if you don’t yet, what a great way to start!

I have included specific instructions for Sacred Arts practices that are rooted in elements of the the story.  For Module II, for example, you’ll find “Summon your Backbone with your cord”, “The North Star Rite” and “Working with Sacred Fire”. We continue our talismanic discovery, with our Courage Talisman.

And one of my guest teachers will help you make your very own Spirit Doll (a motif that features strongly in the tale of the Baba Yaga!)

Beauty and the Beast has its own Sacred Arts practices, introducing “divination and dreams”.  Have you ever done an “omen walk”? I teach you how. This is foundational work that nourishes all work with any sort divination tool you might choose to use. You’ll also find a bedtime ritual to cultivate sleep and dreams, and other useful practices to boot.

Oh, and let’s not forget the teaching call for Beauty and the Beast is coming up in a few days: later this month I’ll send a little clip your way so you can hear what’s happening!  I hope you like it.

The core of Beauty and the Beast, as I teach it, is coming to grips with hope, and finding a way to protect and forge a robust hope that can meet and overcome the challenges of life.  On this call, I’ll be discussing:

  • The true nature and power of hope, why we lose it, and what the symptoms of lost of false hope are
  • Why Hope and Living an Enchanted life go hand in hand
  • Three medicines for restoring Hope found in Beauty and the Beast
  • Omens, Dreams, Divination and the ways that the Otherworld speaks to and nourishes hope
  • Spiritual Work while feeling hopeless and/or depressed
  • Every call concludes with an active imagination journey.

I’m looking forward to the work I’ll be doing with everyone on this Module – answering questions, sharing insights and making new connections.

And for your listening and learning pleasure, I hope you enjoy a little clip from a discussion with one of my guest teachers and a dear friend, Fabeku Fatunmise on lineage and legacy work – yet another resource to help you develop the groundwork you need for a robust and vital Sacred Arts practice in everyday life. Listen here!

To a life of real enchantment and with much love,


magic, miracles: receive my lunar letters

ARRIVING on full moons each month.

We are Spinning Gold

Spinning Gold


ear Miracles,
As many of you know, I have declared this the Summer of Spinning Gold.

It is the second year of this powerful program and to celebrate I am teaching, telling stories, and sharing some of the ways that we can all call a bit more enchantment into our lives. If you have not already, I would love you to join me.

Start with the First Threads Guidebook. (Pop in your email address and then download it). It gives a beautiful and deep glimpse into my teaching style and approach.

Within its pages you will find my original telling of Rumpelstiltskin, my two favorite daily practices, and a series of little practices that you can do at home – among other things.

Then join me for a series of free calls I will host throughout the summer during which stories will be told, practices will be shared, and the initial steps to more enchanted living will be taken, together. Listen to the first and second calls: On Attunement and Learning to Listen and On Attention and Seeing with Clarity.

Finally, come join the Sacred Artists Facebook group where we will carry on the conversation. (Your membership request will have to be approved by one of our admins and we are good about approving quickly!)

And now, for your pleasure, the origin story of Spinning Gold.

Once there was a cutting…

A knife sliced against the soul as we separated everyday life, the so-called mundane from all that is rich, beautiful and sacred — all that we call enchanted.

A cutting, an act of violence and violation of the pristine substance of our lives, as we bought into ideas and relationships that told us we do not have what it takes to get it together. Do we – or do we not – lack the inner resources and inner knowing to meet the greatest obstacles and challenges of life in ways that are beautiful and inspiring?

Doubting, denying, we have done ourselves the greatest violence, cutting right to the bone: the dissolution, the inner fragmentation, the dismantling and severing of the soul strings. Instead of remembering we found ourselves dismembered.

Cutting. We knew it in our bones as we felt isolated from one another, our communities, our lands, our sense of wonder and possibility. It need not be so…

For we are a weaving.

Each thread flying quickly through warp and weft alike, remembering that the present is determined by the lineage of our past and the legacy we build for the future.

Weaving, the shuttle moving deftly in and out, recalling to mind that the inner and the outer worlds were never meant to be separated, that to understand and fully inhabit one is to understand and fully inhabit both – to live an enchanted life.

Weaving, it binds us to our lives, to our choices, and yearnings; it binds us to each other fostering connection and creativity. Weaving…our stories and songs, our old knowledge and new hopes, our magic into our daily lives. This is our inheritance…

But first, there is a spinning…

Blood cells dancing through the cosmos of your precious body, allowing for light and heat, and life. Spinning, the movement of the earth beneath our feet, imperceptible and nevertheless constant. The movement of the heavens all around us, holding us in their starry hands.

A spinning out into Creation, a spinning into inspiration. There is a spinning, rhythmic, timeless, a spinning of gold, of lives and stories, fears and worries that seem like so much straw, transformed into all that holds meaning, into right relationship, into all that is sacred.


There is gold in all that you are, all that you know, and all that you do. Finding it, here is the work, here is the return to enchantment.

The images in this post are taken from the Spinning Gold curriculum and all are created by Cassandra Oswald. All rights reserved.

magic, miracles: receive my lunar letters

ARRIVING on full moons each month.