Holy Helper Mercury



e (Holy Helper Mercury) is the fleet footed one, quicksilver tongue, knowing and speaking all the languages that ever were or ever will be. The idea that turns into a story that grows into a life, every tale ever told, every lie ever uttered, every truth ever hidden. He is the shapeshifter taking on whatever form he will, the one who travels and tricks in equal measure, the love of good words and fantastic tale. He is the student, the teacher, and the road between them. He is the truth found only in darkness and the lie that sounds like pure truth. He is the clown, court jester, Koshare, Coyote jingle-jangling his way into the feast, completely inappropriate with rattle and hat, spitting watermelon seeds at all who are oh so serious and grave – in these moments he is the teacher of reverence. He is every book you have ever read and all of those you have not yet and never will. He is every word on every page and every speech ever made or unmade. He is sound and scent and the one who delights in all the winged ones. He is the very breath we take and the space between each breath. Love of Crossroads and roadways and all who travel, first of the Mages who knows all the ways of transformation, bending, twisting, talking, and turning. His nature is change. Find him in the wind promising the seasonal shift and the quiet breath exhaled in the deepest night to fan the final spark of the campfire and keep the tale going just a little bit longer. He is mouth, throat, tongue. He is a voice. And it is voice most of all that we offer to him — our voices, our words, our thoughts, our wisdom and foolishness and the promise to use them well, to make something beautiful, compelling, or interesting with them, as long as we are in the dance. You can burn incense to honor him, feed birds or butterflies, put on good perfume. But what he likes best, as all of us who serve him know, is the telling of a good tale. Sit down, take a breath, begin the spell…once upon a time… holy helper mercury

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November Astro RX

Divination and Dreams


o it is obviously the time of the Archer and we are all Sagittarians at least a little bit this month. We start of slow and patient with the Full Moon in Taurus but then it is Sag, Sag, Sag. The ninth sign of the Zodiac is ruled by benevolent, party-loving Jupiter and traditionally is associated with teaching, philosophy, travel, and the great outdoors. Sagittarius has a practical, earthy energy that is uplifted and inspired by ideas and new experiences. A core concept for Sagittarius is ease and another is freedom. November is a good month to consider how both themes play out in our own lives no matter our sign.

11/6: Full Moon in Taurus

See the lunar letter for the full details.

  • What am I not allowing myself to fully savor right now?

11/16: Venus into Sagittarius

Planet of love, beauty, and parties moves into the sign of philosophy, the great outdoors, traveling, teaching, and parties. So…

  • What does gathering together mean for you? OR
  • What is the Wild teaching you right now?

11/22: Sun into Sagittarius

Sagittarians across the board celebrate and we all get a whiff of easy breezy freedom and a renewed interest in learning about what really matters.

  • What kind of learning do I want to dedicate myself to now?

11/22: New Moon into Sagittarius

See Canto for the full scoop.

  • What is the greatest obstacle to my freedom right now?

11/27: Mercury into Sagittarius

The planet of ideas and communication moving into idea loving Sagittarius makes this an ideal time to examine/re-examine/develop your guiding ideals and philosophies.

  • Do my ideas and beliefs continue to reflect who I am right now and what I have come to know?

magic, miracles: receive my lunar letters

ARRIVING on full moons each month.