Star Stories: April 2020

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strology for April 2020

Note for April: Blessed April friends! This month has a lot of fire and air energy that is calmed and grounded by the Sun moving into Taurus as well as the earthy Taurus New Moon. Go outside, pay attention to the land, and find small things to celebrate!

4/1: Waxing Quarter at 12 degrees Cancer, 5:21 AM – All Fools Day. This is the perfect time to brush up on your divination practice!
Ask: Where do I need to increase nourishment?

4/3: Venus moves into Gemini. This year Venus is in Gemini for a looong time because it will retrograde through this sign. When Lady V is in the sign of the Twins it means we are all more charming and flirtatious than usual! It also can mean that fidelity and exclusivity are much harder to come by.
Ask: What am I not ready to commit to?

4/4: Venus Trine Saturn. Although Venus in Gemini gets your flirt on, this trine with Saturn is actually beneficial for long term commitments and a marriage proposal made today would signify a lasting bond! This is also a great day to get spending and finances in check – just before tax time!
Ask: What am I ready to commit to?

4/4: Jupiter and Pluto Conjunction. This pairing occurs every 13 years. It is sometimes referred to as the “mogul” pairing and carries a lot of potential for creating deep wealth and money magic.
Ask: Where am I ready to deepen my wealth and abundance?

4/7: Full Moon at 18 degrees Libra, 9:35 PM. Some ideas for how to work with the Full Moon can be found here: and here:
Ask: What is my relationship to balance?

4/7: Mars square Uranus. This is one of the most dangerous aspects of astrology because it can often bring in unexpected accidents. Be extra cautious on this day, do not be in a rush, exercise safety especially around fire. As long as you do that, the energy can work to supercharge one of your most brilliant insights!
Ask: Where can I take more care?

4/11: Mercury moves into Aries. Communication becomes fast, brisk, and smart during Mercury’s move through Aries. Just make sure that you do not get overly aggressive in your conversations.
Ask: What truth am I ready to share?

4/12: Happy EASTER!!!!

4/14: Waning Quarter Moon at 25 degrees Capricorn, 5:56 PM. A reminder that this is a great time to banish:
Ask: What can I stop pretending to be/do?

4/14: Sun squares Pluto. This is a tricky aspect that can have all of us diving into a bit of an existential moment as the shadow side of our personal psyches, as well as the shadow side of bigger powers (like entire countries or global economies), are lit by the sun and in plain view of all. Be kind to everyone, including yourself.
Ask: What shadow do I see right now?

4/15: Sun square Jupiter. When the Sun squares Jupiter it is the proverbial our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. The dream or vision that you have right now could use a big dose of rational clarity. If you don’t actively seek that out, on this day it will come and find you.
Ask: What practicalities am I forgetting when it comes to my big project?

4/19:  Sun enters Taurus 9:45 AM
Ask: What foundations am I ready to lay down?

4/21: Sun square Saturn. This creates a sense of fear, challenge, and sometimes the feeling that you have absolutely no time. Expect delays and wonky behavior from others and you will be in good shape.
Ask: What calming rites can I engage in when I feel too rushed?

4/22: New Moon at 3 degrees Taurus, 9:26 PM – Earth Day. Here are Four Ways to Honor the New Moon just in case you missed them:
Ask: What financial seeds am I ready to sow?

4/25: Pluto Retrograde. Retrograde begins at 1:54 PM and stations direct on October 4th at 8:32 AM.
Ask: What aspects of my personal power need to be refined?

4/26: Sun conjunct Uranus. Bring on the freedom, vision of the future and really smart ideas! This is a great day for all of the above. Take the party outside for maximum pleasure. One caveat,  you may encounter people and situations that push against your comfort zone – on this day you can choose to stretch out and explore IF you want to.
Ask: Where am I no longer willing to feel stuck?

4/28: Mercury square Saturn. This is a hard day for communications and things that you need or want to say are likely to come out all wrong. Give yourself a break and consider all of the ways you can nonverbally communicate.
Ask: What can I wait to say?

4/30: Waxing Quarter at 10 degrees Leo, 3:38 PM. This is the perfect time to brush up on your divination practice!
Ask: What does the right relationship to luxury look and feel like?

4/30: Mercury conjunct Uranus. NOW you can talk! This is a once a year, brilliant convergence that can reveal all kinds of profound ideas and connections to you.
Ask: What connections need to be made now? April April 

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Missing the Mark–the truth about Sin

Purification and Cleansing


ear Miracles: This week is Holy Week for Christians, and everyone I have spoken to has been feeling a heavy spirit in the air. Some react by getting sad, others by getting mad, but there is some “funk” out there. Part of it is mercury, finally, thank heavens, going direct today-but some of it has to do with the energy or egregore around this week-millions of people around the world are participating in the Passion right along with Jesus Christ. Whether you are a Christian or not, my guess is that you have family, friends, colleagues, neighbors who do identify as such-and to think that their intense energy is not effecting your own…well, let’s just remember we are all, all of us, connected. There are so many things that I could write about when looking at Easter/Ostara, the cycle of the life/death/life God as depicted in the story of Christ (as well as much older stories like that of Tammuz, Osiris, and Dionysus) but for today’s post I am going to hone in on a subject that makes many of us, quite frankly uncomfortable…sin.

Sin comes from the ancient Greek word ἁμαρτία meaning literally “to miss the mark” as in aiming for a target and falling short. Now meditate on that for a moment. Drop everything you think you know about the word and concept sin-the guilt, the shame, your mom/pastor/grandpa telling you something about yourself was wrong, bad, sinful…and consider the idea of taking aim and…missing–we’ve all done it right? We’ve all been there, not because of the way we were born, or our gender, or sexual preferences, or desires-but because its life and sometimes we just fall short.

Maybe it happened because our vision wavered and was not locked in on the target, or because our tools were not of the right kind, or because the target is not worthy of our attention in the first place. When we peel back the layers and get back to the root idea of sin, the idea of error, of missing the mark, I think it becomes clear that there is something here for all of us. In the story of Christ as in the older stories that follow the same path, there is a moment where all sin is redeemed, forgiven, washed away and cleansed. By analogy, our vision is cleared, our aim is steadied, our target still, waiting, and available.

The mystery is that hitting the mark depends on our ability to surrender, to sacrifice–as in “to make sacred”, to give our best with open hearted immediacy.

I leave you with the following questions to consider-hold them in your heart, or comment at the bottom of this post-my ears and eyes are open to receive:


–where have you missed the mark?

–why did you-were you distracted, unsteady, uncommitted?

–what is the best of yourself right now, today?

–who can you share that with?


Happy Eastertide & luscious spring-green blessings,

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