For Brighid

Prayer and Blessing


went to the well to drink the water,
And I went to the fire so that I could watch it burn.
I went to the Saint that I might be more holy,
She sent me to the Goddess so that I might learn.

And there under star and moon I lay down all the pieces that seemed to never fit:
This work and that wisdom,
This vision and that reality,
This art and that success.
She told me to go and gather wood:

Oak, Ash, and Thorn.
Wood to build a fire where I might stay with her awhile,
And sit with her a spell.

And so I did.

I found that Oak is the greatest tree,
And home to the smallest creatures.
Ash, so straight and proud, is the strongest wood,
Used to shield and protect the weakest ones.

Thorn bears the sharpest bough,
And that is where the fruit is sweetest.
Three branches, bound together, in red thread and white linen.

The lightness of the load surprised me.

A burden is always heavy, what does a burden know of being light?
What does art know of success?
What does vision know of reality?
What does work, any work, know of wisdom?

But the mighty Oak knows and loves the least of creatures.
And the victorious Ash is most blessed during peace.
Thorn holds out branches that are weapons to some, but to many more safety.
And I heard tell that the most blessed were so often those once most broken.

I fed them to the fire: the Oak, the Ash, the Thorn.
And it devoured my hesitations, my fears, my distractions.
While the flames lapped up my wrong headed sureness, and scorn.
That fire burned so very bright in gold and purple and blue ablaze.

Stay with me awhile.
Sit with me a spell.
If you dare, burn with me awhile.

Then we will take the ash of all these jagged pieces,
And we will spread it over the cold black ground.
We will water it from the well, we will water it with our tears,
Then sit back on our heels and wait.

Stay with me awhile.
Sit with me a spell.
Breathe with me awhile.

We will say a blessing over this body now,
This soft and dark, scarred and marked place.
And maybe you can hum a mourning song, a keening song, that becomes a growing song,
So that we see the tender shoots of a new life made whole from all of those pieces.

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Blessed Imbolg and Happy Candlemas

Ceremony and Ritual


ear Miracles: For those who don’t know-February 1st/2nd rings in the cross quarter holiday of Imbolg, also celebrated as Candlemas. We are now at the half way point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Unlike other cross quarter days there is a Goddess who is specifically associated with Imbolg and She is Brighid, or Saint Brighid if you are Catholic or Orthodox Christian.

Part of our Candlemas ritual every year is to smudge each other and make offerings to Brighid — which after receiving blessing from Her, we are free to enjoy! This is also the time when I bless all of the candles that I will work with throughout the rest of the year.

In South Central Texas Candlemas really feels like the beginning of Spring. We may have another cold snap or two and it might even dip below freezing one more time, but the tender green shoots I associate with springtime are already starting their journey up from beneath the warm earth. The mourning and white wing doves are cooing in the trees, the occasional hawk flies over head, and the mockingbirds are positively zesty in their desire for a mate.

It is the time when desire stirs everything upon the land here — and of course it is all sacred to Her.

Brighid is honored both as an ancient Irish Goddess and a Christian Saint. In all of her forms she is associated with the number three as she is attuned to three specific traits and talents: poetry/music, healing, and smithery. Venerated by many people in many places, traditional offerings to Brighid include cheese, milk, bread, honey, and red berries. Fires are often created in her honor on her sacred day and candles burned in churches or used in ceremonies throughout the year are blessed during Candlemas – literally the mass for candles. She is a profound presence of peace and blessing for those who wish to gain excellence in any of those arts specifically as well as for those who wish to be in deeper alignment with their own inner spark and creative fire.

As is tradition in our home we shall create an altar honoring Brighid in her many forms and ways of blessing. And each of you are invited to participate! Simply go here and fill out the form and your petitions, prayers, and blessings for St. Brighid will be included in our family ceremony.

magic, miracles: receive my lunar letters

ARRIVING on full moons each month.