Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Vol. 3: Funny Money



his is the third in a short volume of writings on Mercury’s upcoming retrograde into the sign of Scorpio – which begins on October 31st. You can also find these writings at Canto and on my Facebook page where you may comment or ask a question if the spirit moves you!


Today I want to focus on another area that this Mercury retrograde period in Scorpio is likely to affect and that is…your money.

Among the things that Scorpio rules are money – specifically money that comes to you from other people and other resources. Some examples of the kinds of funds that are handled by the Scorpion include stocks, bonds, assets, inheritance (and wealth made from inheritance), investments, capital gains on investments, bonuses, etc.

A simple way to think about this is that Taurus handles your day to day expenses and cash flow – the bringing in of money, but Scorpio speaks to how you save and especially how you GROW your money.

So, as we know, Mercury retrograde encourages us to look at specific areas of our lives and ask questions like what needs to change? What needs to shift? This energy is the perfect planetary energy for reviewing, re-assessing, and re-structuring.

Bottom line: when it comes to your money and finances, if something is not working, this retrograde period is a great time to identify what specifically that something is and repair it. Obviously, though you have to see that something isn’t working before you can address it. If you aren’t aware or refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem in this area then the first thing that will happen is that this retrograde period will bring your attention to that issue by whatever means necessary.

This is why it is best to be proactive with Mercury retrograde. If you know that there is an issue in any of the financial areas described above, take steps before the rx period occurs to address them. Be on the lookout for funny money stuff – including false transactions, weird fees, bad advice on investing, and drama around inheritance. The retrograde period is NOT a good time to make any new investments or major shifts in your money but it is an excellent time to review your returns and make plans for moving funds AFTER Mercury goes direct once more.

Finally, because things are more likely to break off getting glitches during Mercury rx, the best idea is to go into the period with a little extra cash saved up!

Here are a few more money resources that might help you:
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New Moon Notes – Capricorn Edition

Lunar Letter


ear Miracles,

Over the past year I have had many new people show up in our community of sacred artists and soulful seekers. I’ve sent out Wonderment readings to so many bright souls around the world and I have received in turn many kind words and heart felt blessings. As we begin another turning of the wheel I would like to say a few words about the salutation that you find here and elsewhere in my writings – “dear Miracles”. Sometimes I change it up and refer to you all as “beautiful” or “stellar” or “kind” but always I follow the adjective of choice with the word Miracle. Why?

I do not call each of you miracles because I think it’s cute or darling or flattering. I call each of you miracles because it is 100% true. Think about it: think about all of the lives and loves, the sufferings, the triumphs, the victories of tens, hundreds, thousands, millions of people that led to you – a completely unique, one of a kind, deeply precious soul. Think about one day in your life: the countless number of functions our physical bodies perform without being asked to do so – the beating of heart, the beating butterfly wings of our lungs, the growth of hair and nail, the sloughing off of dead skin and waste. Think about your relationships with others; of each person and creature and being whose life you touch in some way every single day. To think of it for even a moment is dizzying to me and tells me one thing without a shadow of a doubt: you, yes you dear reader, are a miracle. Never doubt it.

Now let’s talk about the upcoming New Moon on January 9th. For those of you who like specifics the moon will be new at 19 degrees Capricorn, 7:31 PM cdt. A good question to ask around this lunar phase is: What needs to be renewed or refreshed in my career or craftsmanship?

The other essential bit of astrological information right now deals with our old friend, Mercury Retrograde.

On January 5th Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Aquarius and then moving into the sign of Capricorn. Mercury will be retrograde from January 5th through January 25th.

You can read about Mercury Retrogrades here to learn more, but the question is always the same: how can we best deal and get through this period?

Last year I decided to experiment with taking a ceremony that I had done for myself and my family numerous times during Mercury RX and offering it to our community, I called it the Mercury RX Survival Kit – the response and results have been consistently solid so I am pleased to offer it once more – if the words “Mercury Retrograde” make you break out into a cold sweat, then this service is for you. Learn more and participate HERE.

Speaking of all things starry and celestial, if you have not already done so, take a peak at the 2016 Astro RX page – it has the major significant astrological events for 2016 listed, the lunar phases (including time and zodiac sign) for full, new, dark, and first quarter moons, and best of all questions to help each of you turn astrology into something more meaningful and personal than just a bunch of numbers and dates. Enjoy!

Adventures in Soulful Seeking

This month I am keeping the new moon notes fairly short. My wish is that each of you are using this time to make space for grace. And that, as the intrepid travelers in last month’s lunar letter, you find miracles in the everyday.

Words and Wonderings

Let me leave you all with these gorgeous images of our wide, wide, cosmos from NASA and remember:

The beginning is the most important part of any work.” –Plato, The Republic

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Calling All Miracles

Learning and Community


he Miracle Tree: oldest of old trees, it is a world in and of itself. A place where we go to learn, to congregate, to make magic, and most of all, to remember.
The Miracle Tree Sessions 2016 is now open for registration.  Register here and download the first week of Module One: Earth.

Earth: our blessed and most precious bodies, our bones, our ability to stand, to sit, to reach down and touch the ground. Earth: our ability to know where we are in space and in time – specifically, particularly, and uniquely. Earth: our connection to the living world and all of the creatures seen and unseen that make it up.

Air: our breath and it’s way of calling in life with every inhale, releasing what is no longer needed with each exhale. Air: thoughts, reflections, insights, our ways of finding, cultivating, and cherishing right relationship – to ourselves and to one another. Walking the path of wisdom.

Fire: burning in the belly and the ceaseless dance of blood vessels whirling and twirling us into acts of courage and creativity. Fire: burning steadily within us, pointing us to radical reverence for all things including our anger, our passions, our arousal and reminding us of our ability to be devoted.

Water: the tears we cry in sadness and in joy, the red, red blood that courses through us like a crimson waterfall full of its own eddies and currents. Water: the ways of cleansing, healing, and blessing; the ways of going ever deeper, of dreaming, of seeing beyond time and beyond space into the in-between places.

Below: among the roots and rocks we find bone and voice, the voices of our ancestors, those who have gone before, those who know. Below: uncovering lineage, re-collecting the sacred in death and dying and in so doing finding the vital sparks that lead to a life of meaning, here and now.

Above: transcendent vision in the luminous heavens, creating and honoring the legacies we are living. Above: learning how to ascend, how to return from the Underworld experiences we all have, seeing as a clear-eyed bird sees — particularly and comprehensively at the same time.

Join us in 2016 and remember that you are the miracle.

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Seeming, Being, and the Courage to go Deeper

Lunar Letter

Albino Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
Albino Western Diamondback Rattlesnake by Mark Laita.

In many of the old teachings and ancient philosophies from the Greeks to the Hebrews, from the Vedic Indians to the Zen Buddhists, a basic point of the agreement concerns the difference between seeming versus being, that is, between what appears to be the case and what actually IS the case.

One illustration of this problem is found in both ancient Hindu texts and in the work of Plato. A person is standing a few yards away from a stick, looking at it casually. All of a sudden the “stick” begins to undulate and they realize that it is not a stick at all but actually a live snake! The truth turned out to be something far more vital and alive than they had hitherto believed. Coming from a land inhabited by snakes like rattlers and water moccasins and other lovelies, this basic story from world traditions has stuck with me. It can be a matter of life or death to know when it’s a stick on the grass or a snake.

This classic illustration serves to impart a basic understanding of the human problem, that many of us go through life with an idea or prejudice about how things are, or how we are, or how other people are; ideas about what is helpful and what is not helpful, about what is healing, what possesses meaning and what is whole-making. And often, all too often these ideas sound good on the outside but when the rubber hits the road and the going gets tough they float away like leaves on a river.

It is all too easy to blame sources outside of us for these ideas – like family, religion, workplace culture, society. Probably, for this reason, it is just as tempting to look to systems and methodologies to make it easier. But when it comes down to it, seeing something not for what it actually is but instead for what we would like it to be is a tendency we, each of us, carries in our hearts and minds; it begins in the home of our souls.

So often we wish, hope, pray, and say that something is really what we know in our hearts it is not — that a relationship is really firm, when it is really built on quicksand; that a decision is right, when to know it is not really so great; that “everything is fine” when we are not getting enough sleep or proper nourishment. In a million ways we tell ourselves and allow others to support this all too easy deception, and try to convince ourselves that seeming is being: as long as everything seems holy, sacred, wise, good, whole, sensible, blessed, then it really is. One of the many reasons why I love the sacred arts and the community of sacred artists that have gathered around me is because we are a group rarely content with the appearance of something; we dare to go past the seeming and straight into the very heart of being, of the essence.

So then we ask: how do we discern between what seems wise and what actually IS wise? How do we tell the difference between what seems sacred and what IS sacred? How do we differentiate between the appearance of wholeness and the actual day-to-day experience of it?

In the old stories when the hero needed to see something clearly, needed to strip away illusion and get to the bottom of something she would often ask three questions:

Who are you?

Where do you come from?

What is your name?

These questions are not mere literary devices to make the story move forward. They are the exact same questions that sacred artists have been taught to ask of their dreams, their intuitive flashes, and their liminal experiences. They are questions that allow each experience we encounter, be it a feather fallen on the ground at our feet, a mysterious figure that showed up in our dreams, or an idea that is presented as the latest and greatest, to reveal itself as what it actually IS, not what we, or someone else, would like it to be, but what it actually is here and now.

Who are you? Let the experience, the idea, the object speak for itself — not what you want or need it to be, not what someone or some book tells you it is — learn from it directly.

Where do you come from? What is the source of this idea, this experience, this teaching? What is the lineage? What ground has it sprung out of and what are the motivations behind it?

What is your name? Older than old wisdom teaches us that to know the true name of a thing is to know the essence, to know the very being.

The process is not easy, not cut and dry, not reducible to a 7 step program or a diagnostic test. It requires descent into shadowy realms and a willingness to lift up rocks and see what is living underneath them, an act of courage to look beyond appearances and see what is actually there. It requires practice. That is where the miracles happen. That is where the magic begins.

(Listen to this lunar letter by clicking here).

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Fools, Tricksters, and Miracles

Learning and Community

Happy almost April Fools Day, Miracles!

Is there holiness in mischief?

Humor, jokes, riddles, and puns all work to encourage us to step out of our ordinary ways of perceiving information and relating to others and in so doing often expose us to new ways of seeing and behaving that have the potential to do us much good. April Fool’s puts me in the mind of Trickster, that floppy-tongued, well-endowed, coyote-eared, clown-faced God who is found in the smoky backrooms of every real bar, always on the wrong side of the tracks, and wherever there’s a party to be had or a story to be told.

Trickster is also found, in more than one story, guarding the gates of heaven and you have to answer his riddles before he lets you in. Trickster pads into our lives leaving mud on the kitchen floor and telling us a string of the best dirty jokes. He also teaches us how to plant seeds, tell stories, and wait for the harvest. Above all he encourages us to take a risk, take a chance, try something new. In my family we were taught that when he shows up you perk up your ears and pay attention — for Trickster loves nothing more than to give (sometimes good and sometimes bad) advice. We honor him by listening to what he has to say, laughing at his jokes, telling him a tall tale or two, and above all by doing something we have never done before.

How has Trickster shown up in your life? And/or, favorite April Fool's prank?

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