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Breaking Free: A Divination, Ceremony, and Astrological Analysis honoring the Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Eclipses are for breaking chains, breaking cycles, and ultimately breaking free.

Solar Eclipses are especially good for this as they carry the double magic of transforming how we see an event, circumstance, or situation and ALSO how the external qualities of that event, circumstance, or situation actually align.

The upcoming Solar Eclipse on Sunday, 2/26 is in Pisces which is a sign strongly associated with deep healing, artistry, and also the various ways we can bind ourselves up with behaviors, ideas, attitudes, feelings, and cycles that simply do not serve us.

WHAT IT IS: A custom ceremony that I perform on your behalf, a divination with tarot, and an astrological analysis of where the Eclipse will occur in your chart with suggestions for use.

WHO IS IT FOR: Anyone who is ready to Break Free.

DELIVERY VIA: Tarot Reading and Astrological Analysis occur first and are delivered via email. Ceremony will be performed on Sunday 2/26, and reports will be issued after each ceremony been completed.

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