Treat Me Right Tonight-Devouring the Dark Moon

ear Miracles: Just a quick note to honor and celebrate the “other” lunar phase – the dark moon.

The Dark Moon is the period right before the New Moon. In the sky during this time the moon is almost invisible as it is when it is New. Dark Moons are WONDERFUL times for deep and meaningful self care. Typically the vibe is more relaxed and passive — these are the times where even if you are an early riser you are more tempted to stay in bed, nourish yourself with warm teas and soups (especially in the Winter months), boost your immune system and engage in some thoughtful self care.

If there is ever a time where it feels like you can take a day off from your typical ritual practices or spiritual program, this is it and the time is now. Quietude, good candles and some dark chocolate may be the order for the next few days — I know it’s a tough order but I’m sure you are willing to make the sacrifice!

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