Wouldn’t It be nice to wave a magic wand and experience:

♥︎ Making more money
♥︎ Finding the right partner
♥︎ Deepening your love relationships
♥︎ Building a better business
♥︎ Accessing your creativity and inspiration
♥︎ Discovering your Spirit Guides and Holy Helpers
♥︎ Improving and protecting your physical, mental, and spiritual health

Could this year be the year when you experience deep and abiding support for money, love, and health – all levels of health?

Could this year be the year when magic – real magic – becomes a part of your life?

Could this year be less bitter, less sour, less difficult, and even, maybe, incredibly YUMMY?


This year can be Your. Most. Magical. Year. Ever.

Are You Ready to Stop Feeling:

`♡´Frustrated due to money worries 
`♡´Lackluster in your relationships
`♡´Constantly worried about your health
`♡´Like you don’t have support that REALLY works for you
`♡´That the road is closed
`♡´A lack of better choices and opportunities
`♡´Overworked and underpaid
`♡´That no matter how hard you work, its never enough
`♡´Your creative aspirations will never see the light of day
`♡´Busy with things that don’t matter, always putting off what does
`♡´Depleted energetically
`♡´Like you cannot give…and receive…generously
`♡´That the most exciting parts of your story have already happened
`♡´There’s not enough magic in your life
`♡´Like there is a secret ingredient to success that everyone knows about…but you

Magic and the Sacred Arts Are What You Need

Ready to make your year the most amazing one yet?

Ready to STOP struggling and start thriving?

THIS is exactly what magic…learning it and making it…is all about…supporting you so that you have more opportunities, success, and can live your BEST LIFE.

For millennia magic, and the family of Sacred Arts that it belongs to, is what your Ancestors turned to for support, sustenance, and security.

Then, in many places around the world, powerful religious, economic, and political institutions told us magic and the Sacred Arts were wrong, evil, and bad…and then went on to harass, arrest, and murder those who practiced these deep ways of connection and transformation. As a result (understandably!) many turned away from these ancient Wisdom Ways.

But if you are here, then chances are you KNOW that something is missing…you KNOW that you could experience deeper and more meaningful relationships, make more money, and have more wholeness in your life.

You KNOW that magic and the Sacred Arts have a place in your life. You might even be trying to make an intentional space for them – the candle on your mantle, the crystal on your bookshelf – but not know how to actually benefit from these practices. 

Real Talk: Magic is the secret ingredient that has supported me in building a business that makes awesome money, having a gorgeous family, and living a life I love.

And magic is the secret ingredient that every other successful person I know calls on…in one way or another.

This is actually one of the biggest secrets in our current culture: Celebrities, financiers, Publishing Houses, Fortune 500 business owners, medical doctors, and best-selling authors ALL invest in magic.

How do I know?

Because I work with them!

No one wants to talk about it. It’s like this dirty little secret…but if you know, you know, and when you start looking, you will find that every major success story has real magic behind it. Not metaphorical, not mental, not abstract, but candle-burning, incense-wafting, prayer-chanting, honest to goodness magic.

Now, it’s easy to dismiss magic as being too woo or out there or wacko.

It’s actually pretty common for people to feel excited and attracted to magic and repelled at the same time.

So if you are feeling entranced and silly at the same time as you read this…that’s OK.

You aren’t alone; you are normal.


Magic and the Sacred Arts are potent.


People fear them, because deep down, we know they work.


And like other obscure areas, these are arts that very few people really know how to operate or benefit from. This isn’t anyone’s fault! It’s just where we are in time.


Living a more magical life, enchanting for wealth, health, happiness, and love, might sound like something that is tempting…but maybe only for other people, or maybe not what you are really “supposed” to do.


From what I see, in so-called developed nations especially, there is a bias against using magic and the Sacred Arts to “get ahead” – it feels a bit like cheating.


Amazing how those powerful religious, economic, and political institutions set the program and we stick with it, right?


Chances are, you have had the experience of encountering blocks and obstacles in love, money, and/or health that no matter how hard you try and no matter how much work you do, simply won’t move.


That’s super frustrating…and also, really common.


It also happens to be the experience that magic is BEST at addressing.

You are a Miracle, and You Are Meant to Flourish and Thrive

Honestly, there are a lot of ways that you can do that. In fact, you probably have some ideas…things like:

♥︎improving your mindset

♥︎investing in a course that teaches you how to have better relationships, financial freedom, or more energy and vitality.

♥︎finding a life coach/business mentor

♥︎participating in a bunch of one off Sacred Arts classes – learn about crystals here and manifesting there


None of these things are bad.

They can all make a difference for sure. I’m not the kind of teacher who wants you to only commit to one person, brand, or set of ideas…in fact, I find that attitude pretty limiting.


We all want Transformation. And even though we are more accepting of the “Woo” than ever before, we still back away from the idea of finding support in ACTUAL MAGIC…the Mother of the very idea of Transformation!


Magic feels too mystical, too special, meant for someone else…but not for you, right?

Well, let’s look at that and ask the question: is the lack of magical support in my life really a problem?

I’m just going to put myself out there and say, yeah, it is.
Here are some common ideas people who are not receiving ongoing magical support experience…see if any of these statements resonate for you:

♥︎No matter how hard I work, it/I will never be good enough.

♥︎Life is meant to be a struggle.

♥︎There’s not enough to go around.

♥︎Good relationships are for other people.

♥︎No one can really love me the way I want to be loved.

♥︎They never said life was easy/fair.

♥︎My art/writing/business/dream isn’t really that important anyway.

♥︎I’ll never really feel safe/secure/loved/seen.

♥︎Health is a privilege.

♥︎Feeling good is for other people.

♥︎This is why I can’t have nice things.

None of this is your fault and it is time to reclaim the gift of magic for yourself.


Most of you reading this never had a chance to experience what life could be like when magic is centered. That’s normal. We are working with (and dismantling) 500+ years of systemic oppression of the magical and Sacred Arts traditions that belonged to my Ancestors and yours as well.


Those ideas I wrote about above that resonated with you?

They are in many ways the direct result of living magic-deprived lives.

What I Want for You:

I created Your Most Magical Year because I want as many people as possible to have the experience of receiving full and comprehensive magical and Sacred Arts support over the course of a year.

I want as many people as possible to experience what happens when you add magical ingredients into your life…how suddenly roads and opportunities and insights open up…much like when we add a sprinkle of salt to caramel or chocolate to strawberries.

It all started with social media. A couple of years ago,, I’d pop into one of my profiles to make a quick announcement or answer a private message and I would see so many stories from people feeling tired, harried, frustrated, worried, anxious, sad, and bitter. I listened to my own community members detail the challenges and worries that they live with day in and day out. I saw these same feelings cross the faces of friends and colleagues.

In so many ways life is easier than it ever way for our Ancestors. But in other ways it is harder…a lot harder. And most of us don’t have access to something that our Ancestors took for granted: magic.

Magic is the missing ingredient that can make your life more savory, richer, sweeter…more YUMMY.

And as it turns out, there are specific kinds of magic and Sacred Arts practices that are especially well-suited to making our lives more delicious.

Magic that focuses on the three life areas everyone cares about:




Magic that aligns you + your goals with the heavens through the Sacred Art of Astrology.

And most of all, the magic found in the Sacred Arts wisdom ways that you learn…and make…for yourself and in a community of like-minded Soulful Seekers.

And the thing is, this is not really an altruistic move on my part.

I think when individual people are happier, our larger communities and societies are happier too…

And, I know that having a happier life is a game changer – not just for you but for the world.

I know magic and the Sacred Arts can help us achieve that. I don’t know about you, but I WANT a more joyful world!

For most of our history, we humans have relied on not just practical but spiritual actions to support us and set us up for success. Over time those spiritual actions and ideas became eclipsed and in some cases lost…it’s not your fault you don’t know about this magic stuff…very few people do!

That’s why I’m here. To help you rediscover your own deep magic.

We are in a powerful moment.


There is fear and there is uncertainty for sure.


Old forces of oppression and restriction are falling to the wayside and as they do, we find that there is an opportunity to restore magic and the Sacred Arts back into our lives, to take seriously the idea of being magic deprived…and to heal ourselves from that state…for the first time in a long, long time.

More people than ever before are readying themselves to say YES to positive transformation…to lives full of abundance, joy, love, health, and wealth. And that transformation has its origin point in the practice of magic.

The most effective way to be the change you want to see in the world is to live a life that is whole, holy, and healthy…a lifestyle that is drenched in, not deprived of, MAGIC.

You might be interested in what magic can do for you for a variety of reasons.

You might be finally ready to have a committed relationship that culminates in marriage, you may want to buy your dream house, maybe you are hoping to land your dream job this year or getting ready to launch the business of your heart.

Whatever brought you here, you know that you are capable, strong, smart, and worthy…even if you don’t always feel that way.

And, because you are smart, capable, strong, and worthy, you also know when it’s time to get serious and ask for help.

Life is short and we never know how many days we have.

Manifesting your dreams NOW is a commitment to yourself, your purpose, as well as something tangible that you can do for those who have gone before you, and for those who come after you are gone.

Making your dreams come true is not airy-fairy, IT IS A DEEP AND PROFOUND FORM OF CARE.

If you are here then you already know that you can transform your life with magic.

No matter what you have tried before.

No matter how many attempts you have made before to make things better.

If you are willing to:

♥︎Invest in magical support

♥︎Show up to do the work

♥︎Participate in our Sacred Arts community

Then you WILL be able to transform and live the life of your dreams…not tomorrow, but right now.

What Happens When You decide to make this Your Most Magical Year?


When you make the decision to invest in, support yourself with, and learn about magic and the Sacred Arts, changes start to occur rapidly.

One of the things that Witches, Shamans, and Medicine Makers of yore understood is that the living world is ALWAYS speaking to us…signs and omens are everywhere if we know how to look…and listen.

When you center magic and the Sacred Arts in your life those signs and omens will start to fall into place, they will start to make sense, they will start to guide you true.

You will also discover that things come easier, that you often know what is coming…good, bad, and neutral before it arrives…which means you can plan for it.

You’ll begin to feel more attuned with seasons and special moments, your days become fuller and more productive and you work from a place of ease and grace.

Most of all, when you decide to weave magic into your life, you come into congress with your Lineage and that allows you to get really clear on what you want for, and then call into being, your Legacy.

In short, you will discover choices you never knew you had, possibilities that never occurred to you before, and you will have the confidence to embrace and make the most of them.

THAT is what magic creates.

Magic Works Differently for Everyone, but some of the things that our community members have experienced since investing in magic and the Sacred Arts include:

♥︎Buying their Dream House

♥︎Quitting a Dead End Job

♥︎Finding the Right Partner

♥︎Getting Pregnant

♥︎Leaving a bad relationship

♥︎Tripling their income

♥︎Eliminating Debt

♥︎Healing Chronic Illness/Pain

♥︎Starting their Dream Business

With magic and the Sacred Arts in your life you will experience more confidence, security, freedom, ease, and delight.

You will feel held, cared for, and supported.

You will feel blessed…and that allows you to go out and be a blessing in turn. 

Welcome to Your Most Magical Year – its going to be Y(U)MMY!!!


YUMMY is a three-part program that offers head to toe magical support and deep learning in the Sacred Arts.

Each of the ingredients in YUMMY have been taste tested by hundreds of clients and students and found to be DELICIOUS!

The result? Tastier than chocolate, strawberries, and champagne!

Your Most Magical Year Has Three Parts:

I. Monthly Triple Threat Devotional Candle Service

Monthly Magic for Wealth, Health, and Love

The three life areas that everyone is concerned about are money, love, and health. Meet the monthly devotional candle service that covers all three areas.

The Triple Threat candle service packs a three-fold power boost into your life every single month that focuses on supporting you in making, growing, and keeping more money, increasing and protecting your health and vitality, and giving you the ability to attract more of what and who you want, all while being more loved and more loving.

What Would Life Feel Like…

…if you knew that at the beginning of each month you were being supported, blessed, and having roads open for you in the areas of wealth, health, and love?

Would it make you feel safe, supported, grounded, free, and inspired?

Would it make you feel precious and held?

What would be possible with that kind of magic on your side?

It’s time to find out.

How it Works

Your candle will be dressed, blessed, and set alight in my custom candle houses at the beginning of every month.

Value: $1200

II. Celestial Support for your Audacious Goals with the Fixed Stars Society:

Fix the Stars so that they shine in your favor!

When you work WITH the celestial cycles…when you are aware of them and understand a little bit about that they mean for YOU here and now, life becomes much sweeter.

Not perfect, of course.

But you will find that you are in the flow, that roads open, and opportunities reveal themselves, where before it seemed like there was nothing.

Create more ease, flow, and opportunities in your life with the power of the stars!

Sounds Pretty Good Right? This is why Astrology Matters.

You may be quite literate when it comes to the stars, or you might be a total beginner. In either case (and all of the cases in between) you are probably not receiving the full benefit of your astro-knowledge.

You may find yourself asking:

♥︎What do I do with the fact that there are three Mercury Retrogrades every year?

♥︎How can I take advantage of an opportune planetary conjunction?

♥︎How do I navigate things when Mars is in a bad position or Venus is going retrograde?

jar lights hanging from ceiling magical year

The Secret?

There is magic, ceremony, and ritual to address all major Astrological phenomena.

So, wouldn’t it be nice to hand your chart over to someone who understands not only what the skies are going to bring, but also what can be DONE about it?

That’s what I do for you in the Fixed Stars Society.

Value: $2000

III. Long-term Support for your Deep Dreams through the Sacred Arts Academy:

The Sacred Arts Academy (or SAA as I often call it) is a comprehensive program devoted to every aspect and facet of the Sacred Arts.

Divination. Astrology. Magic. Ritual and Ceremony. Spirit Work. Living a liminal life. Folklore. Healing. Plant, animal and mineral medicines. Holy Helpers and the elements. ALL of it, in one place.

The Sacred Arts are your Birthright…its time to get to know them:

The Sacred Arts Academy is the only four-year training in the Sacred Arts. Students begin with the foundational course, Spinning Gold which reveals fundamental principles of Sacred Arts through story, myth, and legend.

Spinning Gold is followed by three more courses:

Wolves and Stars – currently available

Remembering Ways – currently available

and The Three Rivers – coming Spring Equinox 2024.

Having magic done on your behalf is amazing.

The Sacred Arts Academy also boasts the kindest, smartest, and most delightful community of Soulful Seekers on the web…you want to know these amazing souls!

Learning to access your own magic is priceless.

In Your Most Magical Year you’ll experience both.

Value: $2500

What Makes this Year the most magical ever?


♥︎Annual membership into the Sacred Arts Academy Training Program – value: $2500

♥︎Monthly Triple Threat Candle Service to increase + protect Love, Health, and Wealth – value: $1200

♥︎Membership in the Fixed Stars Society so that you have abundant ease and opportunities – guided by the stars.
Value: $2000

♥︎Access to our amazing Sacred Arts Academy Student Community Value: Priceless!

♥︎Monthly Magic Meetings featuring live teaching and coaching from Bri. Value: $7200

♥︎$4,000 in Bonuses!

All for one payment of $2300 or 12 payments of $222

Deliverability and Versatility

While Your Most Magical Year offers A LOT, we make the process really easy to join and dive into.

Once you sign up for the program, you will be added to a special mailing list that is only for YUMMY folks! We will start by asking you some questions – I like to get to KNOW my people and not just have a bunch of names and email addresses!

You will receive access to the Sacred Arts Academy, the Sacred Arts Student Commons, and the Fixed Stars Society private groups…and you will receive reminders and prompts for all petitions, group calls, and fun extras.

The Sacred Arts Academy is all about accessibility with lessons available in video, audio, and written formats.

Bonus: Real connection through 12 Live Magic Meetings

This is pretty much the ONLY way for groups to connect with me live these days and you’ll have access throughout the entire year!

Our Magic Meetings happen the last Tuesday of every month from noon – 2pm central time. (Do note that for 2024 our Magic Meetings for November and December will occur earlier in the months given the holiday season.).

This is OUR time…to connect, celebrate, and converse. Each Magic Meeting has a different Sacred Arts theme, lesson or discovery that I’ll highlight and there is plenty of time for YOU to bring all of your questions about all things Sacred Arts!

I want you to understand how essential these meetings are. So much of the Sacred Arts was traditionally passed down orally, mouth to ear. We are re-creating that tradition in these magic meetings…restoring a vital piece of Sacred Arts lineage that has been lost to many of us WHILE supporting and celebrating our magic wins!

There is no better way to support your Sacred Arts journey and magical transformation than with a rooted, ethical, and established leader in the field…who has seen it all and is invested in YOUR success!

If I offered each of these programs separately I would have to charge thousands of dollars.

But because I combine with best elements of technology – videos, transcripts, audio recordings, and automated emails, with hands on magic-making and Sacred Arts teaching, I am able to make a special offer and slash the price once a year. 

That time? 

Right now.

Whenever I’m thinking about enrolling in a new program I always want to know: can this offering immediately make my life better?

And if it can, HOW exactly will it do that and WHERE will I see results? (I don’t like investing in abstract ideas or concepts, I want things that work here and now!) 

When it comes to YUMMY, the fact is that magic and the Sacred Arts have always been turned to as the BEST way to make life better, easier, and sweeter…and the results don’t show up in just one place…they show up throughout our lives in a number of profound ways.

With monthly candle ceremonies, astrological support and remediation, AND access to our Sacred Arts Academy community, courses, and LIVE Magic Meetings with me throughout the year, there is really no option other than for you to see positive, lasting, results inside and out.

And, the truth is that there is NO other offering like this out there…remember what I said earlier…we are just coming back into our relationship with the Sacred Arts and magic.

That means that ethical, ongoing, consistent, magical support for positive and lasting transformation is basically impossible to find.

Given all of this, you will most likely experience a fast and FULL return on your investment in YUMMY.

Imagine what you will have accomplished at the end of 2024 when you have decided to invest in comprehensive magical support:

You’ve been able to: 

♥︎Buy the dream house.

♥︎Start the business of your heart.

♥︎Double or Triple your income.

♥︎Retire in style.

♥︎Write that book…and get a sweet publishing deal on it!

♥︎And so much more…

How would it feel to be doing any of those things?

Amazing right?!

Magic is the missing piece. You show up for it, and it will show up for you.

Whatever YOUR dream is for 2024…I WANT it for you and I am here to help you make it happen!

Join this One of A Kind, First of It’s Kind Comprehensive Magical Support System Now and Make 2024 YUMMY!!!

YUMMY Payment Plan Break Down
Most Flexible ~ 12 Monthly payments
/ Per month
Get Started
Best Value – save $362!
Single Payment
Get Started

What people have said about working with me:

Of Triple Threat Candle service:

I have worked with Briana for several years now....or more accurately, Briana has worked on my behalf for several years. My decision to ask her to intercede on my behalf has proven to be one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I don't have the purity, patience, or commitment to do the work she does on my behalf. The prayers and petitions that I have written are carefully and lovingly raised through her devotional candle ministry.....and as a result, I experience the impacts and blessings of her work, both as obvious blessings and in the ``little coincidences that aren't``. Please don't misunderstand, I do my work.....but I can confidently state that I would not be living the blessed life that I am experiencing without Briana's intercessory work on my behalf. I am and will forever be grateful for her commitment to helping me create a life well lived. Thank you, Briana.

Basil Human

Of the Fixed Star Society:

To say Briana ``Bri`` Saussy is an amazing sacred artist is an understatement. In the time I've known her she has always brought her full self to every class she gives, offering insight from a wide range of lineages and practices with ease. Her availability with clients is incredible- she actually does get back to you if she says she will- and her willingness to make sure what she's saying makes sense to you is refreshing when so many seem to have adopted the ``do as I say`` approach.Her Fixed Star Society (FSS) offering is no exception. Where most astrologers do a basic ``weather report,`` Bri goes more in-depth. Her Mercury Retrograde workbooks break down the impact of the retrograde down to the client's house, and include questions and practices they may want to try as a way of engaging with the retrograde while staying sane. Her FSS remediation work, where you can send in petitions for community ceremonies, is something I haven't seen anyone offer as regularly as she does. And even if you're not up for the in-depth, Bri's willingness to help people grasp astrology, whether from explaining what a Star Sign is to how you can use astrological knowledge to relate to your child (both inner and outer) is a big relief for those still learning.

Babak Zarin

I knew I needed extra help and support.. from someone that had my best interest in heart. Unconditionally and at all times. No Matter what. I was guided to Bri through a series of events that I knew the universe chose her magical hands just for me.

Amanda Becker

I was educated, encouraged, and uplifted. I came away believing and trusting in my purpose and my alignment with creating my own spirit-filled business.

Theresa Sorenson

Briana Saussy truly understands magic: the history, practice, myths, and tales of humankind’s age-old relationship with the more-than-human world...I have long been a fan of Briana Saussy’s work.

Terri Windling

folklorist and author of The Wood Wife

Briana is beyond generous sharing her knowledge and her experiences…

Rachel Scare

One of my favorite things about Briana Saussy is the way she encourages people to find their own way and make their own meaning. She’ll give you guidelines and suggestions, but the real magic is in listening to your own heart, opening and deepening a relationship with the numinous life inside and around you. Let Briana be your guide to your own magic.

Megan Devine

author of It’s OK That You’re Not OK

While Briana is an encouraging and compassionate teacher, she also has the goods!

Shayla J

Of “Making Magic”:

In Making Magic, you won’t find demands to seek high and low for esoteric supplies, or confusing references that obfuscate rather than clarify. Saussy’s book is a beautifully grounded resource about the magic we can make in our everyday lives, weaving sacred practice into the fabric of our very spirits.

Esmé Weijun Wang

author of The Border of Paradise and The Collected Schizophrenias

This book is a zephyr―a playful breeze that rustles the veil separating the ordinary from the magical, revealing a landscape wherein every particle of being shimmers with the sacred. This holy ground, as it turns out, is where we already live. We need only pay attention, and claim it, and praise it.

Mirabai Starr

author of God of Love and Caravan of No Despair

When you join YUMMY you also score a ton of bonuses that are amazing, one of a kind, and oh so useful!

Bonus #1: Listify + Mystify Workshop

Value: $500

This video workshop was one of my most popular last year. I take you through the ins and outs of prioritizing, list-making, and organizing your time so that you can do more of what you love and less of what you don’t.  Essential for all busy soulful seekers, especially those of you that want to one day go into business for yourself!


This will help you:

♥︎Learn how to HONOR your time.
♥︎Discern between the things you think you should do and the things you ACTUALLY want to do
♥︎Put actions plans into place to accomplish your goals
♥︎Discover what organizational tools and techniques work best for YOU.



Bonus #2: Blessing Ways

Value: $350
When it comes to prayer and blessing I have a very
simple philosophy:
Be blessed, and be a blessing in turn.
One of the questions I am most often asked is….how do I pray?

This is the workbook that answers that question…often in surprising ways that will help you cultivate healthy and right relationship with the Sacred Arts of Prayer and Blessing.


This will help you:

♥︎Jailbreak the idea of prayer and make it your own

♥︎Understand that the way you were taught to pray is just ONE of many options

♥︎Deepen your relationship to the transformative power of Prayer and Blessing.
♥︎Create your own potent prayers and ways of praying.



Bonus #3: Ways to Arise: Emerging from Hard Times

Value: $500

Ways to Arise: Emerging from Hard Times is a video series that kicks off with an original re-telling of the story of the Goddess Persephone. This series gets into the nitty-gritty of trauma and what an intelligent and ethical Sacred Arts-based response to trauma might look like…including practice steps and actions for healing and remediation.


This will help you:

♥︎Name wounds that are in need of healing

♥︎Feel inspired to take charge of your own healing

♥︎Guide you in practical Sacred Arts based techniques to recover your own sense of health, wholeness, and holiness.
♥︎Thrive in adverse conditions.



Bonus #4: Beyond the Hedge Training

Value: $500

This training is all about the first steps that we take when we move from “beyond the hedge” of the archetypal village and into the wilds of liminal Time Beyond Time and Space Beyond Space.


This will help you:

♥︎Learn practical, Sacred Arts techniques for engaging with the Liminal.
♥︎Know how to protect yourself during astral journeys, trance-work, and active imagination meditations.
♥︎Recover your own relationship to the magical “Otherworld”.
♥︎Develop practices that allow you to move in and out of the Liminal Otherworld with ease and grace.


Bonus #5: Transformational Banishing Practice

Value: $350

To banish something means quite simply to get rid of it. But banishing doesn’t work for a lot of people because we forget that when we let something go, we also need to call something IN. This workbook guides you through a core sacred arts practice that will leave you feeling refreshed, expanded, and positively transformed.


This will help you:
♥︎Rid yourself of unwanted thoughts, feelings, and things.
♥︎Attract more of what you want while repelling that which you don’t want.
♥︎Put you in touch with your own core virtues.
♥︎Leave you feeling clean and clear at the beginning of each day!



Bonus #6: Planning By Starlight Training

Value: $1000
If you have always wanted to weave Astrology into your daily life (and calendar) but don’t really know where to begin, then this training is for you. I take you through the ins and outs of how to plan with Astrology for your day, week, month, and year. Best part? You can be a total newbie to Astrology and still benefit from this training!


This will help you:

♥︎Align yourself with the heavens so that you are IN THE FLOW.
♥︎Learn about the different layers of astrology that can be applied to your planning process.
♥︎Discover what is happening in the sky right now and how it speaks to your life.
♥︎Benefit from favorable astrological events!



Bonus #7: Messages and Meaning Training

Value: $500
Do you often receive messages, omens, or experience synchronicity and then feel at a loss to explain what they mean? Do you want to be able to read Tarot cards, Runes, or the I-Ching for yourself but aren’t sure where to begin? Do your dreams feel both important AND confusing? 

If so, then this training on how messages show up and how we can best uncover their meanings will be PERFECT for you!


This will help you:

♥︎Identify messages and omens from Spirit.
♥︎Learn the Sacred Art of Call and Response.
♥︎Understand how to MAKE SENSE of the messages that you receive.
♥︎Know what NOT to do when you first receive a message, omen, or dream.
♥︎Take ACTION on the messages, omens, and divine communications that you receive.



Bonus #8: Active Imaginations, Astro-Teachings, and So Much More!

Value: Priceless!

There is a deep well teachings, including mini teachings on Astrology, Money Magic, Love Magic, Business Success and Abundance practices, as well as Active Imagination Meditations (AIMs) that offer profound liminal experiences in the Sacred Arts Academy archives…you have access to all of then when you join YUMMY!


This will help you:

♥︎Develop extra insight into various Sacred Arts practices.
♥︎Experience the profound transformations that come with Active Imagination work.
♥︎Align yourself with seasons, cycles, and celestial events.
♥︎Learn even more tangible Sacred Arts skills!



Abundant Goodness!!!

That’s almost 4k in Bonuses – that you receive to help support you in your Sacred Arts journey and your magic-making enterprises. They are only available though when you sign up for YUMMY!

Meet Your Sacred Arts Mentor!

What makes me  the right person to support you magically?


♥︎ I have written two best-selling books on magic and the sacred arts.

♥︎I am a pioneering voice in restoring magic and the Sacred Arts to their rightful place in culture and commerce.

♥︎ I’ve created the first of its kind four-year training program in the Sacred Arts.

♥︎ I’ve been making magic on behalf of highly successful people for over a decade…my clients regularly show up in glossy magazines, best-seller lists, and prestigious publications.

♥︎ I work full time running my own six figure Sacred Arts business.

♥︎ Studied all kinds of magical and Sacred Arts traditions from both Western and Eastern cultures, high and low.

♥︎ Trained in the Cross-Cultural Institute so I have a cultural awareness and sensitivity that allows me to work with many different kinds of people from all over the world.


There aren’t very many folks out there offering real, tried and tested, ongoing, magical support, but I have been doing this for a long time, and I say, with all honesty and zero ego, my work offers potent + real results.

Do I have to Believe?


Ah, and now we get down to it. 

If you are on the fence about investing in yourself and making 2024 Your Most Magical Year, then its probably for one of two reasons.

The first is finances. You may be worried that financially you just can’t make it happen. And the fact is, it might not be the right time for you.

Here is what I have learned from watching clients and students who really had to stretch to invest in themselves and in magical support: every single time they have been more than thrilled that the decided to take the plunge.

The way one student put it was: I felt like I couldn’t afford to do it, but afterwards what I knew was that I couldn’t afford NOT TO.

Sit with that and see what comes up.

The second reason, and this is the BIG one is…that a part of you just isn’t sure, isn’t convinced, isn’t confident that you really at the end of the day BELIEVE magic can make a difference.

Don’t you need to believe?

Honestly, you don’t. 

Magic is like sunlight or air…it doesn’t really matter what you think about those things…they are here, you can’t argue with them, you can only choose to be aware of them or not, to appreciate them or not, to make the best use of them…accept the gifts they are…or not.

Magic and the Sacred Arts have been around since life has been around.

It’s less a question of belief and more a question of this: do you want to have a relationship with magic and the Sacred Arts?

Do you want to invite Magic and the Sacred Arts in and let them do their amazing work in your life? 

Is it time to finally start paying attention to these powers that have been walking along side you the entire time?

If you do, if it is, then you are ready.

Here is what I know to be true.

The Sacred Arts and Magic are two of the oldest participants in human culture. We find them everywhere and in everything.

You do not need to believe in magic to have it benefit your life.

You do not have to identify as a “witch”, “shaman”, “magician” or “sorcerer” in order to benefit from magic.

You do not need to be invested in the “occult” in order to experience magic for yourself.

The Sacred Arts have been with us all along.

Look hard enough at your own life, your family history, the observances you keep and the celebrations that you make and you will find that magic has been there all along.

Magic is bigger than any box that anyone might try to put it in.

It is meant to be part of our daily lives…and to make those lives easier, sweeter, and more delicious!

Magic is meant for you.

Is YUMMY right for you?

You can come from any walk of life, any faith tradition (or none), any story and any situation to benefit from Your Most Magical Year.

If you are ready for your best year yet – then this is for you.

If you feel like there is a missing ingredient in your life, something that could make it sweeter and deeper and richer – then this is for you.

If you love magic and want to learn more about it from a master in the craft – then this is for you.

If you are looking to substantially improve one or more areas of your life – then this is for you.

And if you aren’t sure what you need, but you know something needs to change – then this is definitely for you.

Magic with a Mission

Any Sacred Arts work should be rooted in the twin qualities of respect and generosity.

This is work that I am privileged to do on behalf of my community and with that privilege comes responsibilities.

To that end, a portion of each YUMMY sale goes to the Adopt a Native Elder project and the Hope House Ministries.

Much of magic and the Sacred Arts deals with honoring, understanding, and respecting the Unseen.

Elder populations, especially our Indigenous Elder populations, and indigent populations, are two of the least visible, seen, or supported groups…may our collective magic today help change that.