Ask and Answer Tarot Meanings: The Hierophant

from the worldly realm of the Emperor, we move into considerations of the spiritual with the Hierophant in the next installment of Ask and Answer Tarot, the companion to my e-course , 20 Question Tarot.

Remember: In the Ask and Answer Tarot series I am going to give you 6 questions that each Tarot card inspires you, the reader, to ask either yourself or the person you are reading for and 2 questions that will help you get to know the card a little bit better.

The Hierophant

Card Number: V

Ruling planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Season: Spring

Questions for the Emperor:

These two questions will help you get to know the Hierophant a little bit better:

1.) Like the High Priestess, the Hierophant sits between two stone pillars showing a kind of middle way or path; what does a middle path look like to you? What does it feel like?

2.) What is the Hierophant’s relationship to formal religion?

Questions from the Upright Hierophant:

When the Hierophant card appears upright in a reading, these three questions will help you reveal its message.

1.) What is your relationship to spiritual leaders and/or religious authorities?

2.) Where in your life do find spiritual succor and sanctuary?

3.) What is the role of charity in your life both giving and receiving?

Questions from the Reversed Hierophant:

When the Hierophant card appears reverse in a reading, these three questions will help you navigate its advice.

1.) Where is there too much dogma?

2.) What spiritual beliefs and traditions might be creating a challenge for you at this time?

3.) Are you ignoring the messages you are receiving from the Spirit World?

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