Creating Daily Spiritual Practices for Tenuous Times



Blessed Full Moon in Virgo! 

I will be back next month (hopefully) with another video, but for today’s moon I wanted to talk about something a bit more comprehensive in our magic making…our daily practice. 

Given all of the unrest world over, it is becoming clear to more and more people that we are living in tenuous times. Things are changing quickly and assumptions we make about today get turned on their heads tomorrow. 

How does a soulful seeker navigate all of this?  

With a daily practice. 

Now the Virgo full moon is the perfect full moon to think and feel into this topic because Virgo is about health on all levels AND devotion. And as it turns out, that is the sweet spot to which daily practice specifically speaks. Now for those of you who do not have a daily Sacred Arts practice, let me dispel a few common myths: 

1.) A Sacred Arts daily practice does not have to take very long. 

2.) A Sacred Arts daily practice does not need to be hard or difficult. 

3.) A Sacred Arts daily practice does not need to be overtly magical! 

The point of a daily Sacred Arts practice is to recall you back to right relationship. That’s it. That will look and feel different to different people, though usually after committing and performing your daily practice most people feel more grounded and expanded. 

If you don’t have a good daily practice you can begin one for yourself by Cultivating Calmness

If you already have Spiritual Practices daily that works for you…GREAT. Keep doing it!  

If you have Spiritual Practices but you aren’t sure whether or not it is working for you, then take some time during this Full Moon to return to right relationship with it. 

The Equinox is right around the corner providing us with even more time to really get clear on what would speak to us most when it comes to our daily practices. 

In all my lunar love!


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