Desire or Devotion?


In a few days I am opening my biggest, most brave and audacious program ever – the Sacred Arts Academy Training has finally arrived and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

The idea for the Sacred Arts Academy training came about because I see again and again that what we most desire and yearn for is freedom.

Freedom is usually understood as the ability to satisfy whatever desires one might have, or, in some traditions, to be free from desire all together.

But what gets us there, what allows us to cultivate devotion true freedom is not money or good looks or the perfect manicure, zip code, or job.

It’s something much closer to the bone, what gets us to freedom is not being able to satisfy our desires but being able to recognize our devotions.

Watch the video and then comment below and tell me what you are devoted to!

  • I love this reframing of desire. Desire can feel a little frantic, a little flighty, “will I get what I want?” “will I be able to maintain the right mindset to achieve what I desire?” However, when I think of devotion rather than desire, my whole body relaxes. I can see the evidence of what I’m devoted to in simple daily acts — writing in my journal, caring for my garden, making meals that nourish. The things that I simply show up for day in, day out, year in, year out. Devotion feels more grounded. I’m still feeling into what it is I’m devoted to, but it’s something having to do with growth and beauty and truth and freedom. You know, the little things. 🙂

    • YES!!! I so agree Heidi, and I feel like “desire” is really important but doesn’t make much sense unless we are keyed into what we are devoted to.

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