Hearth and Home Vol. 25: Resurrection

Blessed New Moon in Aries! resurrection resurrection resurrection 

Here is a blessing you can work with on this day if you are looking for something to add to your New Moon magic-making.

At the end of February, I was in my barre class, stretching out, and a lady was bemoaning the recent freezing weather and deeply upset that she had lost certain plants, some of which she had inherited from her mother who was now gone.

Calling on years of experience being the daughter of a Master Gardener, I told her to cut everything back, let its energy replenish, and…wait. She’d be surprised at what was able to make it through the weather we had experienced.

She did exactly that. And lo, discovered that while not everything made it, more than she thought did.

I think this story is a good analogy for where we are at this moment.

For the first time in over a year, our family has traveled a little bit!

We kicked off Spring Break (and Jasper and David’s birthdays in early March) with a trip to Santa Fe. I got to see my best girlfriend (it has been TWO years since we last saw each other) and her amazing, magical, 10 year old daughter who also happens to be my Goddaughter.

We did a little end of Winter hiking and some sledding using one of Jasper’s 10th birthday gifts – a snazzy skateboard – as a makeshift sled.

Our nights were filled with magical bonfires and hanging out with good friends while maintaining all the needed safety guidelines. I even got to see my real life Faerie Godmother!

We book-ended March with a second trip, our annual trip to the beach to celebrate Easter. A full day of sun, wind, ocean, and sand set us on the right path for the first full week of April.

Here in South Central Texas, we are deep in Spring. It is the time for planting and tending and discovering what plants were irretrievably lost during our freak snowstorms in February and what is coming back to life.

It is the same for us.

A year ago I was in New Mexico, with some of the same friends, and arrived back in San Antonio to discover that everything was shut down and quarantined due to Covid. Now, a year later I am re-scheduling readings because my clients are getting called to get their vaccines and our family has been able to safely travel.

We lost so much in the past year. Loved ones. Opportunities. Physical contact. We lost so many things that we have not yet named for ourselves.

And…life is emerging again, a resurrection if you will.

Little shoots of green are standing proudly out from brown trunks and limbs, announcing that there is still life here, still vitality.

For you too, my loves. For you all too.

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