Hearth and Home Vol. 27: Birthdays, Brilliance, and Books

Happy and blessed July New Moon!!! Here is a blessing I wrote for this moon. books

Whew y’all…I don’t even know where to start – so much has happened and so much is happening!

We have spent the last week in Northern New Mexico, spending time in the mountains, splashing around in rivers, and taking in the delicious air. It is a welcome rest after our incredibly busy June and a July that promises to be even more exciting.

Let’s start with the kiddos!

Heath (our three year old) celebrated his third birthday on June 13th. He is a 13 baby just like his momma and his birthday falls on the same day that his great-great grandfather’s did – always interesting to see these connections.

We had a pool party for his little friends – the first small get together for many of these kids since Covid started – and it was a blast! He is also learning how to swim – he loves going “under” and also telling his swimming teacher what we need to buy from Target.

Jasper, our ten year old is an amazing big brother who has re-discovered his love of tennis – he played all day every day in June. He is reading, drawing, playing music, and enjoying his summertime in the way that only a ten year old child can!

We are also super proud of J’s latest achievement. He plays both cello and piano with low key brilliance and for the last year, he was the first chair cello player in the Youth Orchestra of San Antonio’s Prelude Strings orchestra.

Tryouts just happened for placement next year and he was accepted into the Sinfonietta Strings Orchestra – a middle school group – so J will be the baby in that crew (although probably not the smallest!)

Right now the boys are loving hiking with mom and dad as the pic above shows. David and I love taking them to the mountains where we shared our first kiss, fell in love, and where he proposed to me over 15 years ago!

Speaking of my love, he has also been busy and somehow (how I don’t know) managed to find time to design and bring to life a website that showcases his scholarly, editing, and artistic works. You can check it out right here.

And then, of course, there is the little fact that my second book Star Child is coming out on July 20th!!! My team and I have a number of events planned around the release of Star Child and I’ll be sharing those with you all as we get closer to launch day! Psst: If you haven’t pre-ordered the book please do so now right here and score a lovely little gift when you do!

While Star Child emerges out into the world, I am also enjoying teaching the latest group of Spinning Gold students! Spinning Gold is the foundational course for the four year Sacred Arts Academy Training program – this year’s students are AMAZING and fun and remind me how much I love teaching in-depth courses!

I hope you all enjoy this gorgeous New Moon (remember, this is the best moon of the year to sow any intentions around home, sanctuary, dreams, and family) and that the month is full of beauty and blessing!

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