Hearth and Home Vol. 28: Summer, Swim, Sleep Away Camp, and Sacred Arts

Happy and blessed end of June New Moon, Miracles!

Here is a blessing I wrote for this moon – Hearth and Home. books

Interestingly, when I was going back over the archives, I realized that the last time I sent a proper Hearth and Home update was a year ago at exactly this time. 

There must be something about the way that Summer allows us to catch our breaths (at least in our family) and gives me a chance to update everyone and properly connect with y’all.

So what has been happening?

As always, let’s begin with the babies!

Well, I say babies. But that’s not really accurate. Jasper is now eleven years old – some of you reading this will remember me teaching and doing readings for you while I was PREGNANT with him! He just had orchestra try-outs and was accepted into the Concertina Orchestra where he will be a 5th grader playing with mostly high school kiddos…so that will be a wild ride for him! He loves reading and has just discovered Ray Bradbury and he still loves to draw. Eleven is actually a really awesome age – J is getting to stay up late and chat with us and he is really excited for his sleep away camp. 

This has also been the Summer of Swim. Heath (pictured above with some ‘tude), our just-turned-four year old, has officially learned how to swim. He can launch, find his way safely back to the pool steps and kick like a little mule. We are still working on fluid arm movements but those will come with time. He loves water, loves his pool time, and loves his swimming teacher. So his summer has been pretty swell. At first he wasn’t real excited about the water, but as soon as he discovered goggles he took to it like the proverbial fish. A good reminder that while tools don’t make the person, the right tool at the right time can make a significant difference. 

David has been busy reading, writing, editing, and launching a course on Ancient Greek. If you want to learn one of the foundational languages of the Western World, then there is absolutely no better teacher! 

As for me, well, I am loving the Sacred Arts Academy Community that has formed and continues to grow – you can join us for free right here if you haven’t already. I’m blessed with a wonderful group of students who are diving into Spinning Gold and the Sacred Arts Academy itself is doing quite beautifully. I also launched a free Find Your Sacred Arts Archetype Quiz that you should absolutely take if you have not already done so! Many of you have been asking for another round of Mind, Body, Spirit…Business – my unique training in how to create, start, and run a Sacred Arts business that is able to both survive and thrive – and so that is in the works as well. 

And I’ve been writing!

Over the past couple of months my work has been featured in: Enchanted Living Magazine, Mind, Body, Green, and Best Life.

Now its your turn! What have you been up to? How is your Summer (or Winter depending on your part of the world) going? Tell me all the things!


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