Yep! It’s here…another Mercury Retrograde right in time for the holidays!

Here is a quick run down of what to expect, what to watch out for, and how to rock this retrograde while keeping your holiday cool.

One thing that we are all going to be aware of during this Mercury RX is how the potential snags and interruptions can affect our holiday season.

This is traditionally a time of travel, communicating with friends and relatives that we may have difficult or strained relationships with, and buying, sending, shipping, and receiving goodies from all over the place; Those are all potential areas where Mercury RX can cause a special kind of chaos.

On the flip side, because of when this retrograde occurs, there is a real opportunity to go deep into reviewing your year, clarifying what has and has not worked, making plans for the year to come, and banishing any unwanted or negative energies before the New Year rolls around. A good way to approach this particular retrograde is to work with its influence to consider what your big vision for your life is. The timing is actually excellent as this RX period ushers right into New Year’s Resolution making and goal setting – it is the perfect time to do a year/multi-year review and to get very intentional and deliberate in shaping the next phase of your journey.

So, with that said, here are your Do’s and Don’ts for a holiday retrograde.

Do: Plan to shop, buy, and ship presents early. This is especially true if you are sending goodies to the other side of the country or internationally.

Do: Use the time before the retrograde begins to make all of your lists and check them twice – holiday cards, invites, party menus – anything that requires planning will benefit from the early prep work now.

Do: Consider going virtual. If you are looking at your calendar and ripping out your hair with frustration already then consider giving virtual gifts and sending out virtual cards.

Do: Get a head start on any homemade gift making projects.

Do: Buy extra tape, wrapping paper, pens, holiday cards, and scissors.

Do: Stock up on host/hostess gifts.

Do: Double check travel plans and arrangements NOW.

Do: Keep an eagle eye on your bank account (Jupiter rules Sag and our wealth so double check your numbers).

Do: Remove yourself from negative people or situations before you say something you might regret.

Do: Allow yourself to feel the magic of the season and actually enjoy it.

Do: Go outside.

Do: Assess your daily practice, your year or last several years, and your core attitudes and beliefs.

Do: Set up any automatic payment plans now or wait until after Mercury goes direct.

Do: Commit or recommit to any project or endeavor that requires long term discipline and wisdom.


Don’t: Wait until the last minute to hit the stores.

Don’t: Invite people to your party that you really don’t want to see.

Don’t: Force yourself to socialize.

Don’t: Fret about finding the perfect gift.

Don’t: Skip out on or ignore the details.

Don’t: Just say something, think about what you want to say and how you want to say it.

Don’t: Make excuses.

Don’t: Binge on anything – it will be twice as tough during this period to recover.

Don’t: Go on an excessive shopping spree.

Don’t: be flake or unreliable – carry your planner with you and keep your appointments.

Don’t: Be surprised if you have to wait longer, if travels are delayed, and if airports are a special kind of chaos. Bring a book and pack a full set of clothes in your carry-on along with a toothbrush and deodorant.

Don’t: Close yourself off to the liminal magic that happens right now just because you are busy.

Don’t: Forget to say thanks.

May your season be bright and your retrograde be rocking!

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