Magical Practices – Magic is In You…Let’s Make It.

Magic is In You…Let’s Make It.

Miracles Magical Practices,

Thank you all for the kind words…about the story, the teachings thus far, and the entire approach to launching a course.

I’m glad y’all are loving it and getting so much out of it!

Today we have our final lesson in the Ways to Arise: Emerging from Hard Times series and this one is all about PRACTICE.

As in magical practice.

Each lesson in Spinning Gold ends with a section on practices for all students to try themselves. The practices are where we put the pedal to the metal and actually call enchantment into our lives.

Weirdly, in all Magical Practices courses this is the part that everyone is really excited to get to and then, once it comes, they often find that they have a hard time actually moving forward with the magical bits.

This is one reason why we have implementation months in Spinning Gold…magic can take time and there’s no need to rush it.

And…Spinning Gold is now OPEN for registration! Module Zero begins on Sunday so get in on it NOW!

Register now.

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