Mindful Living – Remember, It’s not just Spinning Gold! 🎗️

Spinning Gold - Mindful Living

Remember Mindful Living Miracles,

Remember Mindful Living that when you register for Spinning Gold, you are actually ALSO joining the Sacred Arts Academy.
That means that it is not just Spinning Gold that you receive access to. You also receive access to ALL of the courses that the Academy has to offer and will be offering in the future for Mindful Living.
You receive access to the monthly magic meetings AND the monthly Q and A calls.
And you receive access (most importantly of all) to our amazing community of students.
This is important.
Once you learn what it means to live an enchanted life you are going to have amazing experiences and you are also going to meet challenges you have not encountered before.
Being a member of the Sacred Arts Academy means that you have a built-in wisdom crew, cheerleading squad, and sacred arts study buddies all in one gorgeous place.
Because once you start Spinning Gold, we know you won’t want to stop, and we know you will need friends along the way.
Ready to join the crew?
Register here.
Registration closes at midnight on June 17th.
Course begins on June 21st!


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