Personal Growth – It’s About How You Live, Not What You Learn

Spinning Gold


One of the central teachings in Spinning Gold can be found in the subject heading of this post: It’s About How You Live, Not What You Learn – Personal Growth.

True story: I have met many people with no formal training in magic or the Sacred Arts. They have never taken a course of any of this stuff. And they live their magic every single day.

And I have met people who have taken ALL OF THE COURSES on magic and the Sacred Arts…and they know SO much…but they don’t live their magic.

Now, I happen to believe that learning about the Sacred Arts and discovering specific Sacred Arts practices from an ethical and well-informed teacher is quite helpful for everyone.

This is because we ALL are coming to the Sacred Arts with broken lineages. Your ancestors practiced some if not all of these arts. Somewhere inside of you, you remember that, you KNOW it, but because of forces beyond our control…in many cases that knowledge that would have been handed down has become lost and fractured.

Our models for how to live our magic are few and far between, so we need to learn.
But whatever you learn – and whoever you learn it from, you should also aways check to make sure that their magical understanding is sound…that when it comes to living an enchanted life,  it is not about how much you know, but what you DO with that knowledge.

Explore Personal Growth THAT is what Spinning Gold is all about. Join us here to live your magic now


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