Sacred Sprays, washes, and waters are one of my favorite magical tools.

Rescue Me! They are worked with by the young, old, and everyone in between in places that have hotter climates. For instance, where I live in San Antonio, Texas, it is easy to find one of the most famous sacred washes, Florida Water, at the local grocery store.

Sacred sprays, waters, and washes, may be made with water (as their name would suggest) but they are more typically made with alcohol or a fluid like Witch Hazel.

I recommend making this Sacred Spray with Vodka that is at least 70% alcohol or you may use Ever Clear. The 70% alcohol content also means that this spray doubles as an anti-bacterial solution…hand sanitizer, but make it magic!

This is a cooling Sacred Spray, ideal for ladies experiencing their hot flashes or, as my mother referred to them, power surges. However, it is also a wonderful spray to “cool down” hot emotions like anger, irritation, frustration or just plain old impatience.

Timing: Ideally I would make this spray during a waning moon cycle. Start 3-4 days after the Full Moon and you will be just fine. However, as with all magic…make it when you need it!


Mason Jar (any size can work but medium or large jars would be best for this)

Vodka, Ever Clear, or any alcohol that is at least 70% alcohol…if you do not want to use alcohol you may use Witch Hazel instead.

1 part Fresh Sage

2 parts Fresh Rose petals (I’d recommend pink or white for this)

2 parts Fresh Mint

1 part Fresh Lemon balm

1 part Fresh Beebalm

The amounts of each herb that you use are going to vary depending on the size of your jar.

Process: Make the Sacred Spray

Take each herb bundle and chop it roughly once, twice, or even three times. The more chopping you do at the beginning, the stronger of a spray you will have at the end of the day.

As you chop, I recommend you pray and speak over the herb you are working with.

You may simply bless it and ask it to help cool you down…or you may speak to it from the heart like this:

Blessed rose, so fragrant and lovely, I thank you for your gifts. Remind me with your presence to be cool, to decide how open…or not…I wish to be, and to walk in beauty within and without. Thank you, sweet rose!

Once you have chopped up all the herbs, place them in your mason jar and cover them just to the top with alcohol. This is sometimes referred to as an alcohol maceration.

Shake the jar of alcohol and herbs and as you do, pray over it just as you would with a honey jar or sacred vessel.

Keep in mind the intentions you bring to this work.

  • Perhaps you want to stay cool, calm, focused, and comfortable in your skin.
  • Maybe you are creating this sacred spray to help you be more patient, understanding, and less quick to anger.
  • Maybe you are creating it to spray around your home to cool down the hot heads that you live with!

Whatever your intentions are, speak them, sing them, pray them out as you shake the bottle. When you are finished (you only need to shake it for a minute or two) you may store it in a cool dark place for one full turn of the moon (approx. 28 days).

At the end of the 28-day period strain the herbal material out of the liquid and place the liquid into a spray bottle. You make like the scent of the spray just as it is, but if you want to add scents like rose, sage, or mint you may add a few drops of essential oil.

Be sure to patch test the spray on the underside of your arm, spray just a bit and give yourself 24 hours to make sure that you don’t have any kind of reaction.

Now your Rescue Me! Spray is ready to rock!

The only thing left to do?

Recite the charm as you spray yourself, your home, your vehicle or workplace, or the people around you!

Rescue Me! Charm:

Keep me cool, bring me peace.

Calm, centered, rescue me

From anger and heat flaring wild

Keep me chill, keep me mild.

Standing in my sovereignty,

As I ask so shall it be.


Stay cool, beauties!


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