Sacred Rituals – Celebration of Star Child

Miracles Sacred Rituals,

In celebration of Star Child’s release, I think its only fair that I share the stage with my two Star Children today!

Jasper ~ To the Star Child that started it all with Sacred Rituals!

My first-born is now 10 years old and off to Summer Camp atm.

He is a Pisces like his Dad, and is a gentle giant who loves piano and cello, basketball and tennis, and movies and popcorn and cats and drawing.

Sacred Rituals

He is the one that daily teaches me to have hope for our world.

And then there is Star Child #2!

Heath, also known as The Baby, also known as my Gemini Surprise!

Heath loves to play, run, throw balls, scream at the top of his lungs, lay on top of the cats and dogs, make art, make music, make demands and remind me to get it JUST RIGHT.

Everything is alive and full of magic for him.

He dreams deeply and his hands move while he dreams.

Jasper gives me hope for the world.

Heath teaches me everyday to stand in love and wonder before it.



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