Self-Reflection – You Don’t Really Want This

Spinning Gold


You are reading this because you are drawn to Spinning Gold Self-Reflection, some of you are deciding whether you want to take the course or not.
But that’s not really true…or at least, its not the most important truth now is it?
You are REALLY reading this because you are drawn to magic, mystery, and meaning.
You are reading this because you are drawn to story and to possibility and to enchantment.
How do I know?
Because when you live an enchanted life, rooted in both worlds, you discover something about people:
The things we say we want are often, not always but often, not what we really want.
The things we say we are interested in are often, not always but often, not what we are really interested in.
What we say we want, what we say we like or are interested in are most often pointers, way markers to something deeper, closer to our bones, and singing through our blood.
Good storytellers know this. They know that we don’t want to just hear about the rain-kissed rose – we want to smell it and feel the water droplets on our lips.
We don’t want to just be told about the woman who runs until she turns into a bright fox. We want to lope along side of her getting mud on the pads of our feet.
Same here.
You are coming back to sniff around Spinning Gold because what you really want is a life of enchantment.
That is more than possible. It is, I firmly believe, your birthright of Self-Reflection.
Time to claim it.
Join me here in doing just that.


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