Miracles sequence matters,

One of the ways that I can determine who has an intimate and lived experience of ceremony is by their attitude about sequence within ceremony.

OG ceremonialists know that sequence do matters. Not entirely. Not absolutely. But it does matter.

In this lesson I am going to refer back to our guiding story and pull out the sequence of steps that can be followed when we are ready to emerge from difficult times. There IS a sequence…and once we get into it, it will probable be one that you recognize.

It goes without saying, but when it comes to learning the Sacred Arts, the sequence also matters.

Nothing is accidental about the course structure of Spinning Gold. There is an order and a flow that supports students in doing their deepest + most potent work.

This is one of the reasons why SG alumni return year after year and we have basically no attrition from the course.

Because again…sequence do matters.


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