Welcome to August Horoscope, Miracles!
This month is going to start off with a bunch of oppositions and squares between the planets in Leo and those in Aquarius and Taurus. However, things will settle down by mid month as planets make sign changes into Virgo and then Libra. Powerful aspects involving Mercury and Mars throughout the month provide plenty of oomph for getting everything ready for back to school and getting the rest of your year organized and looking spiffy!

8/1: Rabbit, Rabbit!!!

8/1: Blessed Lammas

8/1: Sun in Leo conjunct Mercury in Leo. Excellent day for communications of all kinds and especially high concept thinking and design that requires both reason and passion to inform opinions. Ask: What makes a conversation sparkle?

8/1: Mercury in Leo opposed to Saturn in Aquarius. As we think about what makes a conversation sparkle we may find that what WE want and what is best for the group comes into conflict today. Ask: How can I move forward with the group while honoring myself?

8/1: Sun in Leo opposed to Saturn in Aquarius. Expect some dramatic revelations concerning your future, your areas of activism, and/or the communities you are a part of as today comes to an end.
Ask: What drama is about to unfurl?

8/2: Mercury in Leo trine Chiron in Aries. This is a powerful time for healing and getting information around your healing process, especially as it concerns the places where you have a hard time letting yourself be seen or heard.
Ask: Where am I ready to roar?

8/2: Venus is Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus. Planting and planning your fall garden/wardrobe/or soiree gets a big green light today as does doing any money magic.
Ask: Where am I ready to let the roots get deeper?

8/3: Mercury in Leo square Uranus in Taurus. Today your thoughts and your feelings come into conflict. If you find yourself having to have a hard conversation just remember that touch and physical gestures can be as loudly (if not louder) than words.
Ask: Where do I need to let my hands do the talking?

8/4: Sun in Leo trine Chiron in Aries. Healing through fire continues today and you should expect some big revelations around the roles that old love stories and Trickster energy play in your healing process.
Ask: How can I make my healing journey more fun?

8/6: Sun in Leo square Uranus in Taurus. Today sees insights and revelations show up for you but you don’t know quite what to DO with them.
Ask: What can I make out of this new understanding?

8/8: New Moon at 16 degrees Leo at 8:50 AM. The best time of the year to sow seeds of intention around fashion, style, drama, and allowing your light to SHINE out!
Ask: What new luxury am I ready to embrace?

8/9: Venus in Virgo opposed to Neptune in Pisces. This is a day when you can get some deep, intuitive insight on questions that you have when it comes to art, love, romance, and spirituality. It is ALSO a day where you can put yourself into debt so watch out for that.
Ask: What is my heart whispering to me?

8/10: Mercury in Leo opposed to Jupiter in Aquarius. There can be some great information today about how you as an individual can work with the groups you are a part of and/or what you need to know to have an expanded vision of the future. However, as these insights come you might also feel like there is a big gap between what you know and what you can do with that knowledge.
Ask: Where does my knowledge allow for greater freedom?

8/11: Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn. Today is a day where the bitter can be made a bit sweeter and where love can be found in the ruins and the rubble. As structures and systems give way to something new, allow yourself to be tender with the process.
Ask: How can I make the places of destruction a bit sweeter?

8/11: Mercury enters Virgo! Mercury returns to native ground when it enters the sign of the Virgin. Now we are all ready to get organized, plan out the rest of the year, and create any needed structures as we enter into the busy autumn months. Can anyone say: Back to School Shopping?!
Ask: What needs to be organized?

8/15: Waxing Quarter at 23 degrees Scorpio, 10:20 AM. This is the best moon of the year to do any divination around magic, the Sacred Arts, liminal experiences, and your personal power.
Ask: What magic am I ready to make?

8/15: Venus enters Libra!!! When Venus enters Libra she returns to native territory. We are all feeling more social, we have the ability to be more diplomatic, and centering the voices of those who tend to go unseen and unheard as well as prioritizing beauty, culture, and love relationships get a boost now.
Ask: What sweetness is required for me to find true balance?

8/18: Mercury conjunct Mars, both in Virgo. When Mercury and Mars come together it always means that it is time to optimize ALL THE THINGS but this is especially true in Virgo. Mercury provides the mental capacity to see what needs to be done and Mars gives you the energy to do it!
Ask: What herculean task am I ready to tackle?

8/19: Sun in Leo opposed to Jupiter in Aquarius. Expect revelations and insights into your personal story and the way that it interfaces with the collective.
Ask: What light can I shine into the community?

8/19: Uranus Retrograde, There is a Uranus Retrograde in 2021 in the sign of Taurus. August 19th, 2021 – January 18th, 2022: Retrograde begins at 8:40 PM and stations direct on January 18th at 9:27 AM.
Ask: What has gotten out of control and needs to be grounded? For more on Uranus Retrograde, see this article.

8/20: Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus. Great day for communications of all kinds, writing, publishing and public speaking. Also an excellent day to plan out business ventures and professional trajectories.
Ask: Where am I ready to level up?

8/21: Mars in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus. Great energy is available to you on this day for organizing, planting, caring for the earth, and making your art.
Ask: What needs to be enlivened?

8/22: Full Moon at 29 degrees Aquarius, 7:02 AM. It is time to celebrate community, togetherness, and the future accomplishments that you have already brought to pass.
Ask: What aspects of my activism are ready to be heard?

8/22: Sun enters Virgo 4:35 PM. Now we can see clearly the places where we need physical healing, where structures need to be erected in order to nourish your creativity, and the people we are most devoted to.
Ask: What am I ready to see in my every day devotions?

8/23: Venus in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius. When Venus and Saturn come together we find that tough love can be the perfect medicine. In this case that tough love might extend to your friendships, relationships, and wider community.
Ask: Where do I need to get real with someone?

8/24: Mercury in Virgo opposed to Neptune in Pisces. This is a moment when you may have powerful insights about what can make you healthier or make your surroundings feel better to you. At the same time, you may find that you have an especially hard time articulating what you experience.
Ask: Where do I need more clarity?

8/26: Venus in Libra opposed to Chiron in Aries. Venus opposing Chiron means that love and tenderness (for yourself and others) is far removed from the healing process and perhaps needs to be re-integrated back into it.
Ask: Where would love help the healing process?

8/26: Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect allows us to look at the systems and attitudes that are on the wane and on their way out with objectivity and glean whatever intelligent insights are there amongst the mess.
Ask: What insights are emerging from the ruins?

8/29: Mercury enters Libra!!! Hi! Do you like to talk? Do you like to learn? Do you like to have solid friendships and a relationship where you talk and think and learn together? Do you also like asking a lot of questions?! If so then you too will LOVE Mercury in Libra!
Ask: What is the relationship between my speech and my inner balance?

8/30: Waning Quarter Moon at 7 degrees Gemini, 2:13 AM. If you have learning experiences, teachers, courses, or friendships that need to be removed, cleansed, and/or banished from your life then NOW is the time and THIS is your moon!
Ask: What do I need to unlearn?

Photo credit: Jacquelyn Tierney | House of Divine Style


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