August New Moon Notes: Back to School Essentials, Storytelling and Tarot

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Happy New Moon in Leo!

I think we are all feeling the desire to step out, step up, shine out and roar! The desire to celebrate is also strong right now, Leo is the original party animal. One of the big things that we are celebrating at casa de saussy is the fact that my beloved husband and business partner would normally be back in the classroom at this time of the year but instead we are enjoying a working vacation in Santa Fe — so awesome and such a blessing.

But there is much more to celebrate too, and I have rounded up some of my favorites to share with each of you.

For those already enrolled or getting ready to enroll in Spinning Gold (registration closes on 8/31), here is the school supply list to end all school supply lists. You’re welcome.

Speaking of school, for many of us the end of August and beginning of September kick off the back to school season of hustle and bustle, as we roll with this it is a good idea to remember to honor our need for rest.

One of the topics that I see seekers of all stripes get very confused about, very quickly, is money. Wealth. Prosperity. Cash. A few weeks ago I chatted about all of these themes with Bari Tessler Linden as part of the Spinning Gold curriculum, listen and learn.

For those of you who love tarot reading and want to share your insights with your people, I highly, highly, recommend Theresa Reed’s article on how to do a card a day post, Theresa put a lot of work into this one and it shows.

On the other hand, for those of you who feel like being asked to do one more thing is going to make you pull your hair out, then you need to go and listen to the latest Talking Shop episode where Theresa and I spoke to Racheal Cook about how to rock the business and life balance.

More in the mood for visual stimulation? I love @kastaleen’s daily reads on instagram (you can find me hanging out there too)! And of course, don’t miss the collection of Daily Blessings – because we need less advice and more blessing, yes?

I love storytelling. When I decided to create Spinning Gold I knew I wanted the art of storytelling to be front and center, because really, that is how we learn. Meghan Genge is doing some fabulous storytelling too, reading a chapter a week from her novel Unfurl.

Franci Claudon creates beautiful, vibrant art. Feast your eyes!

Jupiter, planet of wealth and abundance, has moved into the sign of Virgo and will be there for about a year. As a result many are feeling the need to examine money ideas that no longer serve, clean and clear financial funks, and generally bring a new level of organization and structure to their financial lives. Limitless Megan can help.

J.D. Rose is taking people on an intuitive journey, sounds enriching and enlivening.

Looking for a new intuitive reader or cartomancer? Check out Sydney Rebecca’s work, she is lovely, kind, and absolutely present.

And finally, if you are experiencing relationship angst do yourself the favor of checking out Jacqueline Freeman’s work on relationships.

As always with the New Moon notes I am not affiliated with any of the products, services, or individuals I promote. I receive no kickbacks or financial incentives and I know each and every single person and have worked with them, often over a long period of time. That’s why I can recommend them so sincerely! Blessed New Moon and Happy Friday!

How are you celebrating New Moon in Leo?

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Why do we resist rest?

Lunar Letter


ear Miracles, August is upon us. And I find that for many this is one of those points in the year when there are lots of decisions to be made.

Go on vacation or save money?

Get back to school supplies early and avoid the crowds or wait for the sales and better selection?

Grow our businesses, our lives, our relationships in this way or in that way?


How about a third option? Let yourself rest.

Truth be told, allowing ourselves to rest is easier said than done.

Filling our breathing space with empty activities happens more commonly than we care to admit. It happens almost as soon as we say to ourselves, “today I will just rest, and be, and do nothing.” As soon as those words are uttered many of us begin to scramble looking for exactly what we said we wouldn’t…something to do.

Rest, genuine revitalizing rest, is hard. Being busy and staying busy is easy, encouraged by our surrounding culture, and rewarded in a number of subtle and not so subtle ways. For many of us it actually feels good to be busy. Often it is not until we are told by our doctors that we need to reduce our “stress”, not until we find out we are good candidates for heart disease or stroke due to our frenetic lifestyle, that we pause, look around, and ask if maybe the tasty treats of busy-ness we’ve been enjoying have an edge of poison to them.

They do.

None of us get to be frenetically busy without some cost to body and soul, even, and sometimes especially, those of us who really love our work. Rest is not the same as sleep, and it is not the same as so-called passive activities like watching TV or surfing the net.

Rest is allowing for calmness, quiet, and stillness as an internal, not necessarily external state. When we rest we allow ourselves to see with our inner eyes, to hear with our inner ears, to observe and understand with our inner knowing. When we rest we create space to listen to our dreams, peer into our desires, and come to know ourselves a bit better.

Rest is especially important to those of us who are seekers, who are doing the hard work of looking into our broken places and shadows and not turning away from, but engaging directly, with what we find. It is essential to all who are interested in bringing the sacred into their daily lives, for if we are constantly exhausted, worn out, and all used up, our channels get blocked and our connection to our sources of vitality becomes polluted with so much noise and activity.

As each of you hold the many obligations, desires, and decisions that we all experience in the business of just living life, it is my hope that right now, for today, for a week, for maybe even an entire lunar cycle, you will create a little more room for real, revitalizing rest.


What are your favorite ways to rest?

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