The Power Couple

You are Ready.

You have dedicated yourself to diving deep into the Sacred Arts.

You know where you stand and what matters most.

You are full of ideas and committed to making 2024 your best year yet.

I am thrilled and excited for you!

And…I don’t want you to overlook one of the most important elements in living a magical life…


Specifically, magical support.

Seeking out magical support is usually the LAST thing on the to do list for those of us who are drawn to magic making ourselves…weird, but true!

Here are some of the things I have seen happen when you choose to seek out magical support for yourself:

  • Roads open.
  • Opportunities come a’ knocking.
  • Amazing clients show up.
  • You make more money.
  • Creative ideas and offerings are easily dreamed up…and implemented.
  • Clarity for your business is present.
  • You have the wisdom to steer and grow your business in exactly the right way.
  • Your energy and vitality is plentiful and joyous.

Most of the Miracles I work with who are drawn to magic are also drawn to helping and supporting other.

That means you are pouring out your best work, energy, and efforts on behalf of others every day. This is beautiful and it also can leave you feeling drained and depleted.

Having magical support in your corner?

Best way to keep your own cup full of goodness day in and day out, hands down.

And because the Power Couple is crafted specifically for my serious magic makers…it brings not just magical support but the BEST magical support for you as you deepen your own relationship to magic and wonder.



The Power Couple includes:

Yearlong membership into the Fixed Stars Society…this is the program where I create supportive magic on your behalf for every major astrological event of 2024.


The Triple Threat Candle Servicea brand new candle service offering that makes sure every month begins with a special boost to the three most important areas of life: Wealth, Health, and Love.

Together, these services would cost over $2800!

But you can snag them today and save up to $1200!

The best way to start the New Year is to make a smart, intentional, investment in yourself and your dreams.


Let the Power Couple support you for the best year yet!


WHAT: Enrollment in the Fixed Stars Society for 2024 and The Triple Threat Candle Service for 2024 for one AWESOME price!


One payment of $2825 $1600

Two payments of $1425 $850

Twelve payments of $240 $140

REGISTRATION: Closes on January 31st at noon.