Threads of Gold: Rumpelstiltskin and the Power of Names

umpelstiltskin has something to share with you.

Whether or not you have your eye on joining Spinning Gold in the future, the very fact that you’ve shown interest in the Sacred Arts tells me that you are someone very special. You are part of the Sacred Arts community of Soulful Seekers.

As such, I hope you continue to explore and grow in all the ways your heart yearns. It is in the spirit of our very fine community that I would like to share with you a portion of the two hour teaching call on Rumpelstiltskin.

In this teaching, I talk about the nature of fairy tales, the easily overlooked Sacred Art “Right Relationship” and how the power of names and naming is at the heart of our deepest relationships to the world and our practice.

Listen to the Clip of the Introductory Module on Rumpelstiltskin here!

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To a life of real enchantment and with much love,


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