New Beginnings: Today Everything Changes πŸ‘‘

New Beginnings: Today Everything Changes

Miracles ler’s start New Beginnings,

Over the past couple of days I have talked to you all about freedom, devotion, power, and magic.

Today I want to talk about the single biggest issue that I see in spirituality, magic, New Age/Old Age traditions, and all kinds of self-development/improvement projects: Bringing. It. Together.

The biggest challenge is not a lack of tools, resources, and practices – not hardly!

In fact, its just the opposite.

It is understanding how these tools, resources, traditions, and practices all work together and inform each other. Its knowing how to discern between what is available and what is useful to you right here and right now.

I have seen this overwhelm become a stumbling block in my own practice and for so many of my students.

And today we are going to do something about it.

It is with full heart and singing energy that I welcome you all to the Sacred Arts Academy Training!

You now have the ability to become one of the founding members of this first of its kind and one of a kind, FOUR YEAR training in the Sacred Arts!

Head over here to learn about all of it and join up as a Charter Club member today – I’ll see you there and I’ll see you in class!

  • Bri! This is crazy exciting I was literally just thinking about this very thought this past week. How it’s needed how it could be done. Wow this is awesome. So question I read/scanned through the material, I was too excited to do a deep read 😊😊 so the charter membership cost. Is this for the entire program? Or to attain entrance into the program and then as each year revolves there’s additional costs for the course of study?

    • Theresa,
      For this one time only the cost gets you the ENTIRE PROGRAM – so no other fees, tuitions, and you can audit each course as many times as you want free of charge!

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