Ways to arise – Get your milk, grab your cookies! 🍪

Story Time!

Miracles learn Ways to arise,

Today marks the official launch 🚀 of Spinning Gold!!!

We are launching the correct way though. Not with a bunch of flashy high-pressure sales stuff but rather with a story. The guiding story of our deep dive mini course: Ways to Arise: Emerging from Difficult Times.

The guiding story is my re-telling of the Abduction of Persephone.

You can watch it above.

Some of you might recall that in the first video I sent out today I said that the story would not have a video component…and yet, lo, there is a video! That’s because once my husband got his hands on the audio file he felt like some gorgeous images would complement the telling.

And that is actually a pretty great into into Spinning Gold – we are always looking for ways to make the material even better, to deliver just a little bit more.


Because we really believe that the Sacred Arts are worth the extra effort, that enchantment goes hand in hand with deliberate care.

So get your milk, grab your cookies, and listen to our tale.


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